Monday, December 5

Coffee Time Romance

Less than two weeks before Heart's Home comes out... I'm bouncing and on cloud nine... and scrambling to get other stuff done, and terrified that nobody's going to like my book, and stressed about work (or lack thereof), and, and, and!  LOL!

The skivvy on work is pretty boring, so I won't yammer on about it, just ask for good thoughts that things sort themselves out in the best way possible for everybody involved. No matter how frustrated I get, I adore my boss (and I'm not sure, but I might be in a better financial situation than she is, and frankly, folks, that's scary.)

So, let me explain the title of this post. I was invited by one of my fellow Dreamspinner Press authors to participate in a "Not Quite New Year's Eve Author Chat" over at... you guess it, Coffee Time Romance!  The link takes you to a page that informs you you're not logged in/signed up. Not the friendliest place to dump readers, for which I apologize, I'm still learning my way around the site. I'd never heard of it before Anne (Anne Barwell, who happens to be the author of one of the *many* books on my to-read list, Cat's Quill) sent me the invite to join them on December 30. I don't know who all else, as far as authors go, is planning on being there, but it sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun! I usually open on Friday's, so I should be dropping in that day around 2:30--but please, show up sooner than that and talk to Anne and the other authors who are there. It looks like all you have to do is sign up as a member at Coffee Time Romance (free and totally painless), and then follow the links to the chat page (I found it on the calendar page). I might have to bump Anne's book up on my list to try and at least start it before the 30th.  ;-)

In other news, although I'm getting slowly caught up on the ghost book, I'm still struggling... which is why as insane as my work schedule is right now, I'm assuming the Universe is just giving me the time I need to make my first deadline (and collect a tidy little advance check). I truly do believe that the Universe works with us, not against us--the trick is to go with the flow, rather than fight it. I learnt that lesson a long, long time ago.

Also, I'm still pecking at that WIP, Bound to Please.  The thing is, it's done. I know it's done. I knew I'd hit the last chapter about a third of the way through the chapter when Jason, my main protagonist (the whole thing is in his POV--I know, Helen sticking to a single POV for an entire book, 70,000 words!) Anyway, I knew I'd reached the last chapter when Jason realized he was "home" (yeah, home is kind of a theme for me.) Jason is fully human, so it isn't the same kind of home Alun is looking for; Jason just needs a place where feels welcome. Wanted. Safe. The things I think we all need. Anyway, so Jason realizes he's found it with Henry and I realize it's the last chapter...but I don't really want it to end. I have become completely enamoured of Jason and Henry. We all know what that means. There are more stories to be written!

But first I have to sell Bound to Please. I expect it to be a tough sell. There's lots of sex... no, seriously, we're talking about half of the book is sex or sexually charged BDSM/kinky exchanges. And of course there's that whole BDSM/kinky thing, which not everybody loves. I haven't written anything that crosses into the generally accepted "ick" factor--mostly because that stuff is kinda icky to me, too (although I still love David Stein's books. They go way, way, WAY too far for me on a deep and personal level, but talk about a guy who knows his stuff! I'd rather read something that makes me personally uncomfortable, yet rings true, than something that just sounds "off", something that rings false, even though it's within my comfort zone. Although while we're on the subject, Another Way, by Ann Martin was an excellent BDSM/kinky read--but of course it was, it was recommended to me by the lovely and talented Tia Fielding!) However, back to limits, the other problem with Jason and Henry is that while they don't want to blatantly go beyond my personal comfort zone, they do want to push my limits a little. A lot. So I'm not sure how readers--or more importantly, editors--are going to react. But I love them. So as soon as I get in the requisite number of chapters to meet my ghost book deadline at the end of the month, I'm going to see about getting Bound to Please revised... I'm told by the members of my critique group that it suffers from a serious "lack of economy of words".  ;-)  Essentially, it's a lot like that Once Upon a Time in Mexico fic I wrote so many years ago; even though Bound to Please is in the 3rd person, we get so fully into Jason's head that his every little thought comes out onto the page.

Happy Monday--and please come visit me on my now TWO chats this month!

PS--check out the sidebar: I've added a list of events for the month, just so we can ALL keep track of stuff (that means me, too).  I'll keep the list updated month by month. I really hope to get to meet some of you, either in person or in cyber space.

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