Saturday, December 24

Chatting today on Good Reads

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And... although it's a little early for these things, I set some goals for myself for the year and did a tarot reading for myself on how to best accomplish them. (It was an awesome reading, by the way! For you cartomancers out there: end result, 10 of pentacles. Whoo-hoo!!  Which isn't to say the road is all sunshine and roses... well, it is sunshine, the Sun came up too, but, you know... it'll take work.)

I want to try and get four books out this year. One is already written, it just needs serious polishing. The others are all started and chugging along nicely. So that seems a realistic goal, and if I don't have goals, I won't know what to work on next and I'll flit from project to project like I did for the last few months.

Of course I have to finish the ghost book, it simply isn't an option.

And I'm leaving my current job; that isn't an option, either. My back is a total mess right now.

I'm learning that I need to recognize my physical limits and not be afraid to ask the Universe for what I need, and what I need isn't actually that outrageous: a part time job that allows me enough time to write, doesn't leave me too exhausted to write, and where I can make enough money to cover what I need to cover... about a thousand bucks a month. I'm not exactly asking for the Rockefeller estate, here  ;-) 

Okay, time to finish getting ready and the pack it on over to my sister in law's house. I'll be chatting from hers, as our family gathers for Christmas Eve.


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