Wednesday, December 21

Books are in the Mail!

Or should that be the males are in the mail?

I got my shipment from Lulu (the fanfiction books), got everything signed and off to the post office with my WONDERFUL husband (please  feel free to express your gratitude to him for braving the post office four days before Christmas!)

It is highly unlikely that anyone will see their books before the holidays, but they ARE on their way. If for any reason you don't recieve your book/s after the beginning of the year, drop me a line. (The book headed to Germany will no doubt take a while longer).

Please, please, please remember my chat on Saturday. Please don't leave me drinking eggnog all by myself....we know what happens when I drink too much eggnog all by myself, right??

So join me Christmas Eve from 1pm to 6pm (or -5 GMT) here?

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