Thursday, November 17


Is it really Thursday already???

Yikes. I am, as usual, hopelessly behind on EVERYTHING.

I'm sure the editor for the ghost book thinks I've fallen off the face of the earth. I have until the end of Decemeber to submit 14 more 2000 word chapters. Bleep!

Okay, tomorrow.

No, really, I have to work today, in just a few hours, so while I may get my notes together so I'm set up to work on it tomorrow, I doubt I'll get much writing done until then. I was so planning on being done with most of it by now!

In better news, I have reached "the end" of my Work in Progress novel, which is an amazing feeling. It still needs lots and lots of polish, but I can let it sit for a bit while I hammer out the ghost book.  My WIP is a BDSM/kinky themed m/m romance called Bound to Please. I'd shelved it for a while because I wasn't sure I would ever be able to sell it. There is seriously sex (or sexually charged exchanges) on nearly every page--but at least one person has said it works the way it is and I trust Tia's judgement.  (I was also having a hard time finding a stopping place. Last nigth while I was re-writing, I realized I had found the last chapter. That meant chopping nearly 20,000 words... but I'm saving them for later. Maybe a short story or novella or something.) Currently, it's sitting at 62,000 words.  I'm sure it'll gain a few (and lose a few) as I edit.

I got the idea for this one at PenguiCon last year; there were a couple of cute little fanboys walking around, one of them in a mesh shirt. I was sitting at a table in the dealers' room, kitty corner from a guy selling leather goods.

Leather goods + cute fanboy = hot romance novel!

Now let's see if I can sell this thing. After I polish it.

After I write 14 more chapter on the ghost book. (To put that into perspective, even working, I can probably crank out a chapter that's ready to head off to my editor in two days--one day to write, one to edit.)

Okay, off to organize my notes.

But before I go, here's a heads up about this really cool give away I'm participating in (I'll post about it again, around the beginning of December).  Click HERE for more information about the Christmas Blog Hop Stuff Your Stockings Give-Away!

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