Friday, November 18


I am especially happy, because I'm not scheduled to work this weekend!

On top of that (which is no small thing, I worked yesterday afternoon, and I've got about 10 minutes before I have to run out the door), I just got an email letting me know that Heart's Home is fully edited and is being turned over to the production department! Whoo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!! 

However, I am utterly convinced that editors simply do not sleep. The email was time stamped 2:16 AM. Seriously. Two in the morning. Editors simply do not sleep.

Last night, after work, I went to meet with the critique I belong to. Chapter Two of Bound to Please was on the chopping block... and did it ever get shredded!  It's funny, ten years ago, I might have come out of that feeling devastated--but last night, I came out happier than ever to have had ALL the mistakes pointed out, as well as some good ideas on how to fix them. And this from writers who don't really read the erotica genre. (Yes, that does mean that occasionally they hit on something 'wrong' that isn't really 'wrong'--like "is it all right to have this much sex?" in a book? but good writing is good writing, plot holes are plot holes, and usually they are spot on.)

I bring this up mostly to  point out the importance of belonging to such a group. Writers need each other. We need constant feedback from objective readers (and let's face it, Great Aunt Tilly isn't likely to be objective, even if she does teach the second grade and knows a thing or two about proper punctuation.)  Most of the time, our friends and family want to make us feel good (or at least they should, but that's another matter for another post). And it's good to get positive feedback--certainly I got plenty of that as well. I was actually surprised at how well everybody liked my Dom, Henry; I expected him to be coming off as a total prick (which he isn't, so it's good to know the readers saw him as he is.) But even better than positive feedback is "negative" feedback. I put that in quotes because I don't think of it as negative at all, even when it starts out with "I thought it was kind of icky" (said the fellow who has never read this sort of thing before--at which point the rest of the group laughed and said "oh that was NOTHING, you should see some of the stuff she submits!") 

Which brings up the other point of belonging to a writers group. Camaraderie. Yes, my main reason for going is it give and receive feedback (because critiquing other people's work also makes you a better writer, if you're observant enough to see where you make the same mistakes as someone else). But there is also something really good about sitting with other people who share one's passion--be it writing, knitting, astronomy, what-have-you. I enjoy the company as much as the feedback--but that said, I wouldn't go if this were just a social club. If you're going to invest time in a group you need to have some idea going in what you're looking for; if all you want is a support network, that is FINE. That's what some people need. If you need more, you may have to look a little harder...but it's worth the search.

And on that note, I'm off to work!

Happy Friday!!

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