Tuesday, November 29

Stuff Your Stockings Holiday Blog Hop (and Give-away!)

Okie dokie, Mercury Retrograde here we come!  This was in my "drafts" too, and I am VERY sure I posted it....


I just signed up to participate in something cool ;-)  (It's especially cool for you guys!) 

Stuff Your Stockings Christmas Blog Hop, December 16th-18th

The quick and dirty of it is that each participating author (and there are LOTS of us) is going to be doing a give away contest between December 16th and 18th. The timing couldn't be better for me--or for those of you who didn't win a copy of my novel, Heart's Home, in my first give away.

The prize for this one is simple: one signed copy of Heart's Home, and since it's for that winter holiday (which ever one you celebrate), I'm going to whip out my hot glue gun, glass beads, and decoupage stuff, and make a Victorian-esque tree ornament to go with it (perfectly suitable for hanging in a window, too!)

I haven't decided quite how I'll choose the winner--so check back on December 16th for all the details--and for links to all of the other authors' websites/blogs/contests! The more contests you enter, the more goodies you could walk away with!  I don't think it matter what you celebrate, or if you celebrate nothing at all, this time of year, this just sounds like fun! (You'd better believe I'm going to be a participant in a bunch of other writers' give aways!)

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