Saturday, November 19

Offical Launch of my Etsy Store and Art Page

Well, I'd planned to have this done by November 1st... but my life is running about a month behind! I could blame it on my new job, but I think spending as much time as I did playing the Sims, when pets came out, has more to do with it than going back to work...

This weekend, I am officially launching my Etsy Store ( as well as
Helen Pattskyn Art, here on Blogspot. I'm not posting my paintings over on Etsy, but I've been working with polymer clay and making both polymer clay and wooden rune sets, so little by little, those and my new line of primitive goddess and god statues will get posted to both my new page ( and my Etsy store. Have a look and tell me what you think...or buy one! (No pressure, seriously... but you know, if I could make just enough money from this independant art thing and writing books that I didn't have to have a "day job"--or if maybe I could cut back to two or three days a week--that would be super cool! I do love my job, but I would much rather spend my time writing great stories and making cool stuff!)

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