Tuesday, November 15

Laws that make you go "huh?!"

Not because there is anything inherently wrong with the law, it's just mind boggling that some things need to be put into legislation.

Yesterday, I was driving home from a wonderful Shamanic weekend with Crow and Bekki in Ohio. I decided to catch a little local radio along the way and this is what I heard: before the Ohio State legislature is a law that would make it illegal to text while driving.

Isn't it common bloody sense that you can't flipping TEXT while driving?! It's bad enough that some people talk on the phone (occasionally guilty of that myself, although I try to keep it really short, pull over, or tell the person calling me that I'll ring them back when I stop for a break). But seriously, in order to text, you need to take your eyes OFF the road so you can see the keypad. What kind of asshat is busy looking at his/her keypad when they should be watching their fellow drivers (who, let's face it, can be pretty moronic, especially if lawmakers actually have to make it illegal to bloody text while driving!)? Is that text from you bff so important it's worth risking an accident?

And yes, I'm swearing. A lot. Because I cannot get over the fact that lawmakers need to take up their time with garbage like this when there are bigger issues that require their attention.

There's a company trying to open up a mine almost literally in my friends' back yard. Coal mining and fracking (Battlestar fans: is that not the correct term to describe the process? Fracking right, it is!) have devastated Meigs county (and other areas as well, to be sure...this isn't just an Ohio problem, we're dealing with it in Michigan and in other places as well). We all know the economy sucks. We don't really know what to do about it (everybody has an opinion, but as far as what will work? Who knows.) Yet lawmakers have to sit around Capitol Hill holding our proverbial hands telling us not to do something that we all should bloody well know is a Bad Idea.

Seriously, when are people going to grow up and start taking responsibility for themselves? When are people (you know, that broad group of human beings we don't really know, but speak of anyway) going to act with respect for themselves, their neighbors, and our planet?


I'll get off my soap box, get some coffee and go back to writing romance. You probably like me better when I'm being sweet and sappy anyway.

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And for pity's sake, do NOT text while driving, whether it's illegal where you live or not.

If you don't know what fracking is... it's scary stuff. Fracking scary stuff.

Off my soapbox.

Getting coffee.


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