Tuesday, November 22

I just signed up for a Super Cool Promo

The blog is called "Guys Like Romance Too!"  (http://www.guyslikeromancetoo.blogspot.com/)
If you look to your right and down.... down....

                                                f u r t h e r.......

                                               keep going....

There! Under "Great Reviews and Previews" See? I'll be doing a guest blog on Carson's blog in July and again in September...and there will be a cool give away to go with each (I happen to think September's is especially cool but that's because it's going to involve artwork!)

All right, my wonderful husband informs me that dinner is ready, so this going to be a super short blog entry--the corned beef has been going since 10 am!  Yum!!!! 

When I come back in a day or two, I think I'll talk about my WIP (that's Work in Progress), which is actually about ready to sit and stew for a while, while I work on something else. Oh and the Ghost book, which is finally chugging along again.  :)

And don't forget about the December Stuff Your Stockings Give-away, the give away I have going now, and the December 24 chat at Good Reads!


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