Sunday, November 20

Heart's Home -- December 16th!!

It's official, I have a release date!  16 December!  Here's the URL for the ebook; there's a great exerpt up.
(It's also available in paperback--but with an ebook, you can have it in your hands--or at least in your kindle/nook/computer--within seconds!  I've ordered ebooks from Dreamspinner lots of times, it's a totally smoothe and easy process--and remember, technology and I are occasionally at odds, so if I say it was easy....  ;-)

I'll be adding the url as a link over at the side, under the cover, for future reference.

Okay, I have some work to do today. I had my head handed to me by my critique group (deservedly so) over what I submitted last week, and I'm still sussing out what to use, what to discard, and what to keep sitting on.

Oh, last thing, I participated in my first Good Reads chat yesterday, where I got to "meet" the fabulous S.A. Garcia and equally amazing Sarah Madison--it was a lot of fun! Sarah wasn't able to be there for much of it (she had an unexpected emergancy on the homefront: pig weed in the horse pasture. It's great for humans, but toxic to our equine friends and her equine friends were eating the stuff...)  And I ended up buying one of S.A.'s books as a result of her chatting about it--not the one she was officially signed on to chat about, but one of her previous titles. So far, I'm totally loving it:

The above link will take you directly to the Amazon page.

I'm only a chapter or so in, but S.A. won me over on the first page with Amando's... Amando-ness? He's snarky, a bit flighty (he can't concentrate on one subject for more than a few lines), charming in his own way, witty, egotistical, but as an Incubus, it's probably deserved. So....there you have it, an official book recommendation! I seriously cannot wait to read the rest of it! 


LoneWolf said...

i read the excerpt on DREAMSPINNER PRESS and it sounds really interesting. I was wondering are you going to put more excerpts of "Heart's Home"?

H.B. Pattskyn said...

Hi, Lone Wolf! Yikes, I'd better learn to check my comments more often!

Yes, I will be putting more excerpts up here, as we get closer to publication date, and also, I'll be chatting on Good Reads on December 24th and will put up an excerpt or two as well as being available to answer questions... or just chat.