Wednesday, November 23

Happy American Thanksgiving!

I wanted to wish my American readers/followers a Happy Thanksgiving!

Like many Americans--many people around the world--when I look around me at the state of the economy, the government, the poverty--the sheer hopelessness of so many other issues that feel so much bigger than me (oil, coal, fracking, endangered species--disease, cruelty)--it can be hard to remember to be thankful for all the good things in my life. My family, my wonderful husband and daughter, my friends, both the ones I speak to several times a week and the ones I hardly see/talk to but still love with all my heart; my husband's family, who are for the most part the only family I have. And even so, I had a wonderful grandmother (she passed away in 1994). All of the other wonderful people who have influenced or positively impacted my life in some way.

There is a lot to be thankful for, but more than any of the material things for which I am grateful (having a roof over my head a food in the fridge), I am eternally grateful for the wonderful people in my life. YOU are what keeps me going, whether I've known you for twenty (or more) years, or just a few;
whether we talk every other day via AIM, communicate through FB messages, chat on the phone a couple of times a week, or don't always get in that once a year check-in phone call--whether it's been six months since we've spoken or six years or something in between. I have a truly odd bag of friends, but I love and appreciate you all.  I appreciate my odd bag of acquaintances, too--people I don't know quite well enough to presume to call friends, but whom I still care about because the Universe has seen fit to put some extraordinary people in my circle. It makes up for all the sucky people everywhere else!

I heard Jimmy Buffet on the radio at work today and it made me think of one of my oddest friendships--odd in the way that we met, not odd as in... well odd. The gentleman I think of, every single time I hear Jimmy Buffet, is probably one of my most ordinary friends (you know the type, a regular guy with a regular job, just going through his life, like the rest of us), and yet he is such an extraordinary human being with a heart that overflows with kindness and generosity. I am grateful that people like him exist in this world--and wish that there were more of them!  Sometimes I wonder what makes one person so just plain good and someone else rotten.

I'm happy to know so many of my fanfic readers--happy that so many of you have reached out with personal emails and/or to become my friend on Facebook. I might not know your favorite flavor of ice cream (mine is mint chocolate chip... just sayin'  ;-)  but you guys have meant so much to me over the years, giving me what I needed to write Heart's Home--heck, to keep writing, period. You've given me what I need to continue writing, even though it's almost scarier to write a second book than it was to write the first one! It was one of my wonderful reader/writer friends who showed me with an unexpected gift a year--maybe two--ago that there ARE good people in the world. I am still overwhelmed that so many of you have wanted to play in "my" world and write spin offs of the Bonny Welshman saga! I wanted to name so many of you by name when I did the dedication, but if I'd done that, it would have been pages, instead of paragraphs! (And I couldn't possibly name one person by name and not name everyone else whose name, or at least pen name, I know, that just wouldn't be fair.) 

On a truly personal note, I'm grateful for this crazy gift, for being able to write, to draw and paint, to create things with my hands--grateful to derive so much joy from it and that my gift seems to make other people happy, too. Sometimes I wish there was more time in the day, or that I could make enough money to not have to work--or at least to work fewer days--but maybe in time, that will come. (And really, my monitory needs aren't that great... I don't need a fancy new sports car or anything. Heck, if I was a stay at home writer and artist, I could get by with my old bicycle!)

And that makes this a good time to stop being mushy and go write; I came home with a screaming migraine and a new story idea. Now that the one is gone, I can hammer out a vague and hazy outline for the other... then tomorrow, I have to work on the ghost book.  And go eat turkey with my husband's other brother, his partner, and their family, which includes a new(ish) dog (she's been with them for a while) who is probably grateful for the big hearted humans who took her in and when nobody else wanted her decided to keep her.

Urgh. Which gives me another idea for a story...or actually, an additional "theme" for a work in progress, called (at this point) "The Stray", about a lycanthrope whose more dog than wolf and finds himself in the care of a human he quickly falls in love with... yeah, a writer's brain is always going.

Have a good day tomorrow, whether it's a holiday where you live or just another Thursday.

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