Wednesday, November 9

Give Away

November is upon us and that means two things:
  1. Whichever Winter Holiday You Celebrate is closer than you think, and...
  2. My first original novel, Heart's Home, will be out NEXT MONTH!

So... in the spirit of giving, I'm doing holding a special Give Away, predominately for my wonderful and loyal fanfiction readers--those of you who gave me the courage to write an original novel, yet who have suffered for it, since it's meant so much time away from fanfiction writing. Here's what you have to do to qualify:

  • Email me at: (this is NOT my regular email address; this box is much less active, so I won't miss anybody).
  • Please put something like Give Away in the Subject (not an official requirement, but it'll help me identify the email)
  • In the bod of your email, include your Name and Snail Mail Address (rest assured, I will not sell your address to anyone, or show up on your doorstep at two o'clock in the morning asking for coffee and pineapple danishes..) P.O. boxes are okay, as long as your post box company will let you accept packages.
  • You absolutely must send me your snail mail address in order to win/receive something.

I will randomly pick winning "numbers" out of a hat (e.g. the fifth person who sends in an email will be a second place winner, etc.)

Now, the fun stuff, what's up for grabs:

Three Second Place Winners will receive: A hard (i.e. paper) copy of The Ossuray and Forget Not Me, bound together with two never-before-seen short stories: What happened when Kam looked in the Ossuary and What happened when John Hart looked in the Ossuary.  Those are two of the most frequent requests I've recieved. (This is going to be a professionally bound book most likely through However, it won't ever be for sale on their site--or anywhere else for that matter.)

Two First Place Winners will receive the above book PLUS, a copy of my original novel, Heart's Home.

  • In order to win the first place prize you absolutely MUST understand that Heart's Home is an erotic romance. On a scale of 1-5, with 1 being Jack and Jill (or maybe Jack and Ianto?) went up the Hill and 5 being a no holds barred accounting of what Jack did with Ianto AND Jill (or maybe Rose? And/Or the Doctor??) up on that Hill, Heart's Home is about a 4.5. (Seriously, there are four or five sex scenes, with precious little is left to the imagination; I like to think there's more to those scenes than just sex, but the point is that there is sex and it's fully described.) 
  • If for any reason at all you do not want to read about two hot guys having extremely passionate sex with one another, but still are interested in a chance at the third and second place prizes, just say so in your email. If you happen to be a first place winner, I'll swap you out with one of the second place winners).  No one has to like smut as much as I do in order to win.
  • I will take you at your word that you're old enough to read randy sex between passionate men in whatever country you happen to reside... and as a quick point of note, there are no restrictions on where you live. I know I'm lucky enough to have a few of loyal readers who live outside the U.S.

Now... it would probably help if I told you a little bit more about Heart's Home:

Set in Victorian England, Heart’s Home is the story of Police Constable James Heron and outcast werewolf, Alun Blayney. Meeting over the body of a woman murdered in the streets, the pair form an uneasy friendship.

As both the relationship and the murder investigation progress, James and Alun must overcome a series of obstacles, including the daemon who has fallen in love with James, a sadistic werewolf pack leader who has it in for Alun, and James’s immediate supervisor who is convinced that Alun is not only responsible for the recent string of murders, but the Whitechapel murders of the previous year, as well.

The title comes from the idea that when you find true love, your heart's true home, no obsticle is too great to overcome. So, in a nutshell, the usual angsty goodness you've come to expect from me. I was hoping to have the cover art before I posted this, but I'm still waiting for the final copy...but seriously, it is AMAZING!

All books given away will be autographed by yours truely and sent out via snailmail just as soon as I have copies in hand (don't have a solid publication date for Heart's Home just yet)... and the first 50 people who enter with their name and snail mail address will get a little something from me as my way of saying "Thank You" for all your support. (And just to repeat, no addresses will EVER be made public, and I really won't show up on your doorstep... but if you ever want to bring me coffee or pineapple, just look on the side panel for the places I regularly attend and come see me!)

Legal bits: no purchase necessary, and although I'm giving away fanfiction, I'm not making any money off other peoples' copyrights, etc. Duh. I'm giving this away. On a technicality, I'm loosing money.

The contest will run from TODAY through December 10--so spread the word and sign up! This *is* my sneaky way of establishing a mailing list of people I can badger with updates on my writing, but hey, you get something in return for letting me pester you once in a while, so... (and I promise not to badger you too often. You've seen how often I blog, right? That should give you some indication how how much spare time I have!)

Winners will be announced on this Blog on December 10. Prizes will be mailed out just as soon as I have copies in hand to mail (for which I am partially at the mercy of my publisher).

You can check back here for more information on that publication date--and you can also check out my publisher, Dreamspinner ( for not only more on me, but more on lots of other great m/m erotica!  Dreamspinner publishes only m/m (and m/m/m) and they are truly the top of their field. When I say I'm proud to be a Dreamspinner author, I mean it!

I'll probably be giving away another copy of JUST Heart's Home during my release celebration/chat on Goodreads... just saying. It's worth your time to come by and say "hi" on Dec. 24th, too!

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