Sunday, November 20


I love my job.
I really DO love my job.
But right now I'm frustrated with it.

Okay, so it's not the best job I've ever had, money wise, but it's cutting it, giving me just exactly as much as I need to make. And the economy sucks, so I really can't compare this job to any of the waitressing jobs I had fifteen or twenty years ago. Besides, I have great customers, great coworkers and despite my current frustration, really *nice* owners.

But nice isn't necessarily cutting it. I was told from the beginning not to expect to work on Monday. So... dum-dum-dum, I didn't expect to work tomorrow. Now, if something had come up and someone called in, that would be one thing, but that isn't the case. There's one person on Monday morning, and he works from 6-2.

Only I'm going in tomorrow to join him from 9-2. Mondays are dead. So are most of the other days of the week, but Monday and Tuesday, they only put one person on because it's so dead.

AND, having expected to have Monday off, I made plans. Plans that I'm cancelling, because at 6pm on a Sunday I was told I had to work at 9am on Monday. I can't even rearrange anything, because the rest of the schedule isn't made yet.  Last week, the schedule got posted on Friday.

Think about that for a moment. The schedule for the week starting on Monday got posted the following Friday.


I'm job hunting. Good vibes much appreciated.

Then again, I just said to the Universe that I was frustrated; I didn't go back to school to go back to waitressing when I got a degree, so maybe this is the kick in the pants I need to find something else.

But still. I'd hoped to be here for a while. A year. Maybe two. Sore feet aside, I was getting comfortable here.

Because I like my customers. I like my co workers. And lack of professionalism aside, I like my bosses--in fact I really adore my boss as a human being and hate it that she has to work so hard. (Seriously, the lady must put in an 80 hour week--which makes me feel like a heel for bitching about an extra day, but I really did have plans, work related plans. Ghosthunting Michigan plans.)


I guess it's time for bed, since I have to drive my husband to work at 4am, because no way do I make enough money waitressing for us to afford a second car, even a beater.

Maybe the really cool sounding place I just sent out a resume to will call me soon. It would be full time which isn't what I told the Universe I wanted, but sometimes the Universe has ideas of its own. I *did* say I wanted something more akin to what I trained for, after all.

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