Tuesday, November 8

Bunch o' Stuff

First... I've got what is probably my last proof for Heart's Home. I've seen the sketch for the cover (it is GORGEOUS!) and I'm eagerly awaiting the final rendition.

I've just been given a heads' up on a great sight, by a fellow Blogspot blogger: http://tom-webb.blogspot.com/  check it out for some awesome book reviews! (I gave him a link over to the right and down...down... keep going. There. See? A Bear on Books.

I'm so sorry I missed last week's Snarky Saturday--and I'll miss this week, too, I'll be out of town.

But I am slowly catching up on my backlog of work (no Sims for me this week!)  I've designed my family's Holiday greeting cards and gotten those ordered... not much fun having an artist in the family if she doesn't do the yearly... erm, every other yearly... holiday cards. (I'm awful about actually getting cards in the mail, although every year I promise myself and everyone else that I'll get better.) 

I'm planning a special give away/drawing just for my fanfiction readers who have been so wonderful and encouraging... which means I really need to post a couple of chapters over at fanfic.net, so I can announce it to them properly!  I'm doing it to celebrate the publication of Heart's Home. I still don't have a solid date, just "December".

And please, please, please don't forget to stop by the Dreamspinner chat on Goodreads on December 24th. Don't make me spend Christmas Eve Day all by myself in front of an empty chat room!

Last bit, I love my new job! Of course I've really loved having the last few days off, but Niki's is great. It's just a dinky little family run place, but everyone is soooooo nice there. I'm very happy and utterly grateful to have found it.

Okay, back to proofing and then working on the bdsm novel, which is chugging along wonderfully!

(whoo-hooo, extra cause to celebrate, I just did a spellcheck: No errors!)

(and yes, the pic below is the front of my family's holiday card this year. I've had the idea kicking around my head for a while...back before there were ELEVEN Doctors. Maybe I should have done it THEN.  ;-)

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