Saturday, October 22

Snarky Saturday

This one is new to me, but it sounded like fun... and who doesn't like a little snark, right?

The idea is for writers to pick a bit of snark out of something they've written and post it to their own blog, then link back to the rest of the group.

My snark comes from Heart's Home. In a nutshell, it's the story of a jaded werewolf and an idealistic police constable. Eventually, Alun, the werewolf, has to tell James that he isn't exactly human, and some things are easier to show a person than to tell them, so that's exactly what Alun does. When James doesn't run screaming, Alun shifts back and they have a little heart to heart...

“They say that when a wolf lies in the shelter of… of his heart’s true home, his… his mate.” He hesitated, but James didn’t interrupt him. “When a wolf finds his mate, he becomes invincible. Werewolves need… love makes us whole, James. You make me whole.”

James couldn’t help the smile spreading over his lips—his heart—even though he could tell by Alun’s voice that something was very wrong. “I feel the same,” he assured him. “That’s what I was trying to tell you.”

“You don’t understand! I’m not human.”

His smile deepened. “I believe I’ve grasped that fact, thank you.”

....okay, so it's not exactly snark, but James gets a gold star for making my beta reader chuckle.  ;-)


Marie Sexton said...

Perfect! Thanks so much for joining the Saturday Snark blog hop! I do it every Saturday, so I hope you'll join in again. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh lovely one Helen :-)