Saturday, October 1

Saturday... is it really SATURDAY already??!

Ever look a the calendar and wonder "Where did the week GO!?" That's exactly how I feel today.

I got home from my winding trek through the Upper Peninsula on Monday evening, and I swear the rest of the week just vanished in a haze of cleaning (my daughter's right, the house falls apart without me in it), rune-making (been getting ready to launch a line of runes for sale), job hunting, and general catching up... I haven't even done all of my follow-up emails and phone calls from the trip!  Yikes.

So... today I need to pull my notes together, send out the rest of my "thank-you" emails, and get some writing done.  Oh, and make more rune sets because I'm getting a tattoo (on my left palm) on Monday and won't be able to work the polymer clay for a while after that -- although by Tuesday, I should be at least able to work with wood, and hopefully by Wednesday I'll be writing again. I hope I'm remembering that correctly, it's been years since I've had inkwork done.

And Ye Gods, it's October already, isn't it? Where did the MONTH go??! (And seriously, wasn't it just January a minute ago? Where did 2011 get off to when I wasn't looking? I swear, I'm getting old  ;-)

Okay, work, work, work to do! 

Happy October, everybody! (Yikes, again, I still have to get outside and start putting the garden to bed for the winter... I was only gone a week, right?)

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