Thursday, October 13

Inspirational Fish

When you're a writer, inspiration comes from everywhere; as the saying goes, I write because I have to write.

I had a yucky Monday evening. Nothing earthshatteringly horrible, but  "stuff" ( you know the stuff) certainly interrupted the flow of life. Or at least made me pretty grumbly. So I spent most of Tuesday playing my re-installed Sims3 (we lost *everything* that was saved on the computer that crashed, so I'm starting from scratch... which is both good and bad).

What do the Sims have to do with inspiration? Well... I'm simming along, I've had a great ol' time making my Sims "lives" miserable (I had this young couple who got pregnant on their first date, so they got married. Only the husband is working--and he keeps changing jobs so he never gets anywhere--while the wife is having babies almost as fast as the Duggers--only at least in the Sims there's a cap on how many children you can have!) At any rate, I'm sure you can imagine pure pandemonium in their little virtual household, because I wasn't using ANY cheats. No money, no mood enhancers, not even any rewards like steel bladder or money trees. (I said I'd had a yucky day!)

Eventually I picked one of the little Sim children to be my legacy heir, the one I was going to concentrate on and eventually play--although I did my best to hook a bunch of the other kids up when they hit their teens, ensuring lots of lines would move forth from this overly fertile family.

It just so happened that my young male Sim had a life long friend (he met Alton in elementary school--Alton is game generated), and they really hit it off as teens and started dating. Cool. As young adults, they continued dating, but every time Marcus (my legacy heir) and Alton went out, Alton would put the breaks on whatever moves Marcus tried. (For those Simmers out there, the moods were good, they both had little hearts, I have NO idea what Alton's deal was.) Finally, I got frustrated and created the "perfect" Sim for Marcus. (At which point I switched households and did cheat, just a little, to give Kasey some skills fast, just so he'd be roughly on par with other young adult Sims).

Well. I get Kasey a job in the same restaurant as Marcus--where Marcus is his boss! But that's okay, you need a good relationship with your boss in the Sims and it was my intention for Marcus and Kasey to have a *very* good relationship indeed. But would you believe in the two Sim-days that I turned my back on Marcus, the game decided that fickle Alton had moved in with Marcus! The same guy who spurned any advance more intense than flirting was suddenly Marcus's live in boyfriend!!?  If this doesn't sound like a good/bad story waiting to be written, I don't know what else does (especially when we introduce sweet boy-next-door Kasey into the mix).  ;-)   Maybe it'll be my NaNoWriMo project. (And I'm keeping the names, so when the novel/novella eventually comes out, you'll you know you can blame it on EA Games!) 

Except I will have to change Marcus's last name.

It's Ghoti.

That's pronounced "fish".


Yes, really. Fish.

Look at these words:




Gotta love the English language!

(And no, I didn't come up with that all by myself; I think it was my ninth grade Spanish teacher who taught us ghoti=fish.)

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