Saturday, October 22

I admit it...

I admit it, I lost a whole week to the Sims 3. Pets came out this week. I did get some work done, but not nearly enough.

So here you have it, my solemn vow, which will likely remain in cyberspace for all eternity (as things often do where cyberspace is concerned) that I will not go back to my game until I have completed the following tasks:

Written a total of 20,000 words on my new novella (I'm planning on getting half way there, this week; I'm at about 5000 words, so that's not really a Herculean task).

Gotten my runes up online for sale, on Etsy.  Which means getting about 20 pouches sewn. That is a Herculean task. Or at least it's really monotonous, which is why I keep putting it off. There's a reason I would never want to sew for a living.

Gotten my "My Art" site completely updated (I'm doing site just for my art, so I can neatly display things by category--but part of that also entails getting my Art page here seriously updated, too).

Gotten my Ghosthunting page updated properly--and turned in another couple of chapters to my editor, who must think I've fallen off the face of the earth by now. 

Wrapped up a fanfiction project I need to wrap up--I want to get a couple of my stories converted into hard copy, mostly for myself, but I'll be making copies available (at cost, i.e. not for profit) to anyone who wants one. They won't be widely advertised or anything, I just wanted to do it for me and figured what the heck, if someone else wants one, they can have one. I'm not promising perfect editing, just that I'm going through and cleaning up whatever mistakes I find. But I'd wanted to have that done back in August. It's almost November.

I also have a couple of trips I want to take for that before it gets much colder--not as far out as the last one, but there are a few places that are still a couple hours' drive from here than I don't really want to be trekking to in the snow.

Then and only then can I go back to my Sims... and hopefully by then my husband will figure out what the heck is wrong with the graphics that I keep getting weird flashes of color--the video card is brand new, and supposed to be better than we need.  (What I fear I may need is a new desk top computer... since this is a "working" computer, I refuse to allow my game to be loaded onto it. It's bad enough I spend as much time surfing the web aimlessly as I do.)  It may not be a bad thing that my game is giving me issues enough that walking away from it for a while isn't so hard to do...

So starting Monday (on which I have an interview for a real job! Okay, a waitressing job, but if I'm looking for part time, that's one of the best part time jobs to have--and the place is so close, I could walk if I had to.  I really hope it works out--they're looking for afternoons, and while I'm totally flexible, afternoons is a great shift for me, so it sounds like a win-win).  Anyway, starting on Monday, I need to re-focus on the Ghosthunting stuff; this weekend, I'm going to work on the novella. Next week, I'm going to sew, too.

If you haven't seen it already, check out the new tab at the top of the page (My Romance): I got my official blurb from my publisher for Heart's Home, and I couldn't be happier with what they put together for me.

Remember, December 24th, from 1-6pm (Eastern Standard Time), I'll be chatting about Heart's Home (and really, anything else anyone wants to talk to me about) on Good Reads. Stop by and say 'hi'-- please don't make me spend Christmas Eve Day all by my self! Remember, all you need is a Good Reads account and to be a member of the Dreamspinner group.

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