Monday, October 10

Happy Monday!

Is that a contradiction?
But having it be Monday today means I (probably) survived ConClave  ;-)

I think.  One can never be sure about these things.

Seriously, I had an awesome time. I was on three great panels, although one of them was a panel of one (me) talking about erotica. I was a little nervous when only two people showed up...but then someone else wandered in... and then another and another and pretty soon there were just shy of a dozen people in the room, which is not bad for a Friday night at a fairly relaxed (i.e. not a whole heck of a lot of programming or thousands upon thousands of attendees).

Even better that nearly everyone in the audience were fanfiction writers/readers, and that all of them were only seriously interested in m/m.  Whew! I *can* talk about other erotic combinations, but m/m is definitely my favorite.

The next morning, I had a panel on fanfiction, which was a lot of fun. Seanan McGuire was wonderful to sit on a panel next to.

Later on Saturday night, I did the ghost hunting panel with Rick Moore, who was also awesome. I was completely ill-prepared. I just honestly didn't know what I wanted to talk about--and I had no idea that we had the option of a.v. equipment, or I definitely would have prepared pictures. But it still went off really well. Two dozen or so people showed up and Rick and I pretty much just talked to them. He seemed very interested in having the audience participate (which is how I like to run a panel--when I'm up there by myself, I don't even sit behind my little desk). It was really interesting hearing what other people had experienced and their reactions to those experiences.

And... I think I might have sold just enough stuff to cover my half of the table!  ;-)  whoo-hoo.

We were seated in the dealers' room next to local author Mike Vasich, who was an absolutely wonderful neighbor to have (and you know I came home with his novel!) I have a ton of work to do today, but I'm anxious to get into it (of course I'm also anxious to finish Black Dog just to find out how the darned thing ends... there's a reason I don't buy 500 page books any more!)

And last but not least, I learned a valuable lesson: editors aren't perfect. I got my edits back from Dreamspinner and I almost just took them all and turned sent the thing back without looking back over the rest of it... now, I should point out that the error my editor missed was totally my fault, but somehow she missed it, too... I'm *so* glad I ended up taking the time to re-read my ms (that's writer shorthand for 'manuscript') one more time...

So, what a thought, editors are human. They're not Gods. They don't belong on those great big pedestals we put People Who CanNOT Make Mistakes on.

What a thought, huh?

Happy Monday! I'm off to finish my coffee--and my edits--and then get some more work done.


The Melvilles said...


Small world moment for you: Mike Vasich is Luke's English teacher. Luke has already read Loki, if that's the book you purchased. You two will have to talk about it when we get together for dinner :)

H.B. Pattskyn said...

We know, it came up when Ed was sitting with me talking to Mike. (Who had all good things to say about Luke, by the way ;-) We laughed about it, because really, what are the odds? Mike had never done a science fiction convention before, and our table location got switched last minute when I mentioned I had panels (so putting me on a wall is better than having me out in the middle). I'm sure we wouldn't have talked half as much as we did if we hadn't been next to each other. ;-)