Saturday, October 8

ConClave 2011

Or at least ConClave so far...

So far, it's a very empty little con. Where did all the people go?!  I mean, I remember 'Clave as being the smallest of the three local cons (and in my day, those were ConFusion, ConTraption and ConClave... I don't know exactly what happened, but we lost 'Traption and got PenguiCon instead--which is a cool con, even though I'm not a computer person.)

I know as well as the next guy just how much the economy sucks, but I've run into a number of people, regular long time con-goers I've known for... well, enough years that they remember 'Traption, too. They're just hanging out in the public areas meeting up friends, rather than getting memberships. Which means they can't come into the dealers' room or art show, which means that not only does the con not make money from them, but neither do the dealers or artists. Don't misunderstand, I'm not knocking these peoples' decisions, I was just happy to see a few familiar faces! I just wish there were more faces in general; I have this horrible fear that unless more people come out, Clave will go the way of the Dodo, and I don't want to see that. There was a time in my dreary twenties when science fiction conventions were three points of light in my year. Yeah, I was a nerd  ;-)   Still am, if you really must know.

I did a great (as in I had fun) "panel" (of one, I was the only speaker) on erotica last night. At first there were two people in the room (which was two more than I'd expected), then little by little more trickled in, until there were just short of a dozen and I was sitting in the audience so we could all hear each other over the concert. (The concert itself was great, but being in a room next to a concert while trying to talk... yeah, not so much). I really hate sitting up behind the table, anyway; it makes me feel like I'm separating myself from my audience. I like it to be a discussion--and we discussed plenty! Most of the attendees were fanfiction writers, few had aspirations of being published or doing original fiction--which is cool, I love fanfiction. I'm looking forward to my panel on it this morning (where I will not be the only speaker... but unfortunately, that means I'll probably have to sit behind the table). At any rate, everybody who showed up last night was interested in m/m more than anything else, which of course worked for me ;-)  We talked as much about fanfiction as anything else, but that's okay, too. Sometimes you've just gotta go where your audiance wants you too.

Also, yesterday I got my edits back from Dreamspinner--the electronic version of galleys. I'm so geeked! This puts me one step closer to getting Heart's Home out there!  I have until the end of the week to get them back--so far so good, it's all stupid typo stuff, a dropped word (Gods, I'm so embarrassed when I see those! Or... don't see those, since it's a dropped word, it's not there... okay, maybe more coffee and less typing would be a good idea...)

So... if anyone is in the Romulus, MI area and wants to drop in and see me in the dealer's room, please, please, please do come out.

At 10am, I'll be talking about fanfiction with GoH Seanan McGuire (no pressure there!) and at 9pm, I'm be talking about my ghosthunting adventures with Rick Moore.


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