Sunday, September 4

Drunken Dragon*Con Update

Just taking a second to say that Gareth David Lloyd looks MUCH better in person than on the tele... no, seriously. He is utterly cute (never mind that I'm probably old enough to be the boy's mother  ;-)  He was hysterical--and really sweet, even when he was swearing. I can't explain it. Maybe it's because I feel old enough to be his mother....

He gave us an amazing running commentary to Countrycide... I took a few photos and will have more comments when I'm not pleasantly buzzing from the pinot grigio I had with dinner... sad to say, three glasses is all it took to get me pleasantly tipsy. Sigh. I'm a lightweight in my old age.

I also had a lovely time hanging out with the M/M romance writers, mostly of Dreamspinner. I learned a lot and I am infinitely grateful to Shae Connor for putting the event together and to Ellen Holiday for running off fliers.

It was also nice to chat way with B. Snow yesterday (we chatted some today of course, too  ;-)

Okay, I'd better head back to my room with my husband's soda before he thinks I got lost.....

Cheers from Atlanta,

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