Saturday, September 3

Dragon Con!!!

Super quick update before I dash off to start my day...

We got in Thursday and spent the day relaxing; by Friday afternoon, the place was a madhouse--but in a good way! (photos coming soon, I'm not on my computer)

I went to three panels yesterday: one was a wonderful Q &A session with Tom Felton; no photos for you, I wasn't sitting at a good angle. Tom was positively delightful. It was definitely waiting in a line that went out the door, down the steps, down the street, and around the corner.... yes, the lines at Dragon are brutal. I carry a book or two on me at all times.

Next panel was BSG (Battlestar Galactica)--I have some pictures to upload. Edward James Olmos was wonderful as usual; it was also cool to see Michael Hogan out of character.

My husband and I went to the the Eureka / Warehouse Thirteen Panel after lunch; again, pictures coming soon (I got some good ones at the BSG panel).  It was the first time I'd seen any of the actors from Eureka live; Colin Ferguson was wonderful (they all were, but I have to admit it, I'm a Jack Carter fan... it's the name. What is it about characters named Jack??)

Today the plan is to see Gareth David Lloyd (is that one L or two??) and Mark Shepard together on a panel, then later in the day Sylvester McCoy. Also on the agenda for the day is Gareth giving a running commentary of his favorite TW episode... wonder which one it'll be??

Also, today, I am going to be at the M/M authors meet and greet, in the Marriott, 10th floor... I'll be pretty hard to miss, I'll be in a sari today. 

Okay off to refill my coffee and head out for the day, time to get wrapped in an an Indian Kilt (seriously, the technique for wrapping a sari is similar to wrapping a great kilt... now ask yourself: what kind of woman would know that....)


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Can't wait to hear about the meet and greet!