Saturday, August 27

Two entries in one day...

Yes, I'm really procrastinating. Actually, I've gotten a little over 500 words written, and I schleped some more stuff up from the basement for my new studio/office upstairs, so it hasn't been a dismal day.

No, the real reason I'm posting twice, other than I've spent a little more time updating my blog and I hope people will stop by and notice it, is that I realized I've been pretty off topic lately... I mean, I'm a writer and an artist, right? (Yes.) So I should be talking about writing and art.

Or at least that's the theory.

Seriously, though, I do have a thought on the actual subject of writing this afternoon. As I sit here obsessing over my word count, I wonder how healthy it is to obsess over word count. I mean, isn't the important thing to put GOOD words on the page, not worry about how many words there are. (Okay, that doesn't mean it's okay to only write ten words a day, imagine how long it would take to finish anything at that rate!  No, really, someone whose better at math than me can figure it out, I just know it would take a heck of a long time. Point is, though, isn't the quality truly more important than the quantity here?)

Of course, for someone like me, who is very good at procrastination, it can be helpful to set a word count goal just to keep me coming back to the laptop to work. Ostensibly. Erm. Yeah.

Or, maybe I'm just impatient. Maybe I just want to write those two magic words: "The End" (which no one actually writes, by the way. An editor will know its the end by virtue of the fact that there are no more words on the page.)

This past week at my critique group meeting, an interesting question came up: "Where do you write?" Honestly, I do my best writing out. It does help to have a door to close now--and certainly today with nobody home, it's been wonderfully peaceful. But I still get the most done when I remove myself from my space--from my sewing and my art, from my cats and dog, from my family, from the television, and go out to the coffee shop. Of course, I still have the Internet, but really, one can only web surf for so long before it gets really, really old.

So there you go. A blog about writing.  :) 

Oh, and I'm supposed to include key words like m/m romance, gay romance, romance author, fantasy artist... yeah, I spent a good chunk of my morning doing some research on self-promotion and driving readers to my blog. I have no idea how successful that's going to be, but I guess it can't hurt.

Except that those were four hours I could have spent writing.


Some days you just can't win.

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