Saturday, August 27

Two days in a row of this migraine...

I managed to tame it some yesterday with drugs, but woke up still feeling it this morning...

Yesterday, I think I wrote all of 100 words, bringing me up to 23, 191, which isn't dismal. My goal for today is to get up to 25,000, fit my friend's husband for his vest (simple men's vest, no bit thing, I just want to make sure the fit is right before I sew the real item out of acetate--it's nasty fabric. Totally unforgiving...but the colors pop brilliantly). All of which I will accomplish AFTER taking something for my head.

But, on the "upside", my husband and daughter will be out today, they have to do some shopping for our trip to Dragon, and my housemate is out of town (hopefully not being blown away by Irene in Florida), and I spent a couple of hours yesterday moving into my new 'office' upstairs. My art supplies, sewing stuff and other arts/crafts things are now all in one room, with my laptop. For the first time in I don't know how long, I have doors I can close! (On my studio space, that is, there ARE other doors in my house, honest  ;-) Not only do I have the house to myself, today, but I have privacy in my own little room.  Life is good. Except for the migraine I have brewing, but they make drugs for that.

Oh, and I woke up to discover that the cat had eaten the yogurt I set out last night for a face mask... I totally forgot about it and this morning, the dish was mysteriously empty.... hopefully the wretched little beast doesn't end up with a tummy ache.  (I *know* which one it is: Damien. My Lilith is far from an angel--much as her name implies--but Damien is the one who always gets on the counters). 

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