Sunday, August 28

Sunday Update

In approximately 75 hours, the family and I will be off to Dragon*Con!  We're driving down, leaving at 11 pm, give or take, planning to arrive between noon and 2pm on Thursday... I'm getting SOOOO excited, I can't wait.

Fellow Dreamspnner author Shae Connor has organized an unofficial meet the m/m authors (not all Dreamspinner, but all totally awesome) for both Saturday and Sunday, from 1-3pm. Not all of us will be there both days... at the moment, I'm not sure which day I'll be there, but I am definitely participating. We'll be on the 10th floor of the Marriott. Here's the official information from the flier Shae put together (and again, a HUGE thank you to her for all her hard work. She's just a writer like the rest of us, so I think this is super awesome.)

Sadly, I will not have books to sell or anything spiffy to give away.... well, that's not totally true, I'm going to bring along a few postcards of my own artwork, since it'll be a while before I get official cover art. 

Hope to see ya'll there!

Meet the Authors of M/M Fiction

Come meet some of the authors of your favorite male/male romance fiction!
Authors will have books for sale and freebies to give away and will be signing autographs.
Authors scheduled to attend are

Kiernan Kelly,
Silvia Violet,
Adrienne Wilder,
T.C. Blue,
Shae Connor,
B. Snow,
 Kerry Freeman,
Kage Alan,
Pearl Love,
Helen Pattskyn,
Nessa Warin

Sat & Sun 1–3PM,
10th floor lobby (Marriott)

(Not all authors are available both days
And of course this is subject to change
as schedules may change last minute)

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