Saturday, August 13

New Word Goal for the Week

I'm starting my week with 20,022 words.
Let's see if I can make it up to 25,000.

Well, a new week is upon us... or nearly so. Time to set a new writing goal.  Bearing in mind that I'll be doing a lot of deleting (I'm going through a section that I wrote a while back that I've decided I hate), AND that I've got a boat load of sewing to do this week, I'm setting my goal a moderate goal of 5000 words added to the total story by next Saturday. AND the construction of a two vests, one more complicated than the other, by the end of the week.  (One is for my husband, the other for a friend of ours; I may or may not get my own costuming done. I'm not as into sewing as I used to be... besides I'm more excited about dressing up for World Steam next year than for Dragon this year. Can y'all believe it's only like three weeks 'til Dragon*Con?!) 

Anyway, wish me luck!

(And thank you, Amanda for the encouraging words from the last time!  I appreciate it  ;-)  You're right, we don't always end up where we think are going to, but sometimes life's surprises turn out to be pretty darned good. Really, in high school would you have pictured me as a suburban housewife penning m/m erotica?  I know I wouldn't have!  LOL. Now I just need to find a day job.)

I might sneak in some time to read another Z.A. Maxfield book this week, too; Without Borders has been on my Amazon wishlist for a while now....

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