Monday, August 22


Well, we made it through the storm that raged through our neck of Oakland County (MI) a couple of days ago more or less unscathed (for which I am grateful). Many of our neighbors suffered damage as huge tree limbs and sometimes whole trees came tumbling down in the high winds, rain, and lightning. There were numerous downed wires, a few of which caused fires... yeah, it was scary. The storm itself only lasted an hour--the worst of it probably only about thirty minutes. The aftermath will be felt for days, if not weeks. We lost power for about a day and a half; I'm sure there are some neighborhoods still in the dark.

When things like this happen, I see it as a reminder that we are not in control of this planet; we are at Her mercy, at the mercy of the wind and the weather, of the earth beneath our feet. For all of our technology, all of our advances and sophistication, Mother Nature will still win, every time. Some days, I think that the more 'advanced' we become, the more we are at the mercy of our own planet, because it takes so little to disrupt our way of life. One downed wire, and a whole neighborhood goes black. We had plenty of candles on hand (go figure, the witches in the neighborhood!), and I lived through enough blackouts as a kid not to panic, to know what to do, but how many people don't? How many people panic (the coffee house was FULL yesterday, no one had power, no one could sort out coffee... me, I went to check my email, which is in itself pretty symptomatic of exactly what I'm talking about. I *needed* to check my email... or did I just *want* to?  Good question, huh?)

Or is 7:30 on a Monday morning too early to wax philosophic?

On to other things...

I made my word goal last week... and then promptly chopped out 4000 words, bringing me back down to 21,000 words. The section I chopped out will probably find its way back in, but with some of the changes I'd made, it was no longer the right place for an argument and make-up sex.

I went to Borders on Saturday, to take advantage of their going out of business sale...yes, I did indeed feel like a bit of a vulture, picking over the carcass of a huge dying animal. I wasn't alone, there were dozens of other vultures in the store. Too bad we hadn't been there sooner, Borders might not be dying. I don't lament the passing of the institution--I would much rather shop at the little bookstores that stores like Borders drove out of business--but I do lament the lost jobs. We can't afford more lost jobs right now. Heck, I'm still looking for a job, I can't afford that much more competition to find one!

At any rate, I have started a story journal; there are too many stories bouncing around my head, I needed a place to write them down. You know, with pen and paper, like in the old days.... you never know when the power might go out...

My word goal for the week is another 5000 new words.

Oh, and I still need to sew that vest...

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