Saturday, August 20

I saw a really incredible movie last night...

The Velocity of Gary* *(Not His Real Name)

I actually recorded it a while back, it was on some channel called Indiplex (?)... never heard of it, but since we switched to ComCast, we have a lot of channels I've never heard of and hardly watch.

I recorded it because it starred Salma Hayek and Vincent D'Onofrio, two of my favorite actors. Oh, and because D'Onofrio plays a bisexual...not a straight man having a crisis, not a gay man trying to please his family by getting a girlfriend, not so-called "gay" cowboys who each get married, even though they can't get enough of one another, but an honest to goodness bisexual male. As a bisexual person myself, I found this incredibly refreshing.

Although it is listed as a comedy, and there are a few funny moments, The Velocity of Gary is more drama than comedy, IMHO. And that's another thing I loved about it. See, I'm a big fan of Logo, but it seems like so many of the movies they show are comic almost to the point of being farce (okay, okay, I'm as anxious to see Keith Hartman's You Should Meet My Son as the next guy, but that's because I love Hartman). It was just nice to see something realistic. Something bitter and sweet and happy and sad, just like real life. Something about a poly relationship (or somewhat poly relationship; Gary and Mary Carmen, Thomas Jane and Selma Hayek respectivly, weren't sleeping together, but Valentino--Vincent D'Onofrio--was sleeping with both of them, openly--or had been, Gary is his 'ex' boyfriend; that doesn't stop them from making out. And yes, it was both beautiful and bloody hot).

So, for anyone interested in a good movie that had me alternately grinning madly and hugging the dog (that's what I do when I'm sad), I recommend The Velocity of Gary wholeheartedly. If you can't find it on cable, you can probably rent it; it was released in 1999.


Word goal report: 25,055 words!  WHOO HOO!
I am also at 7,388 on the novella, Shadow Heart.

And I took care of some paperwork for Ghosthunting Michigan this morning... and if you'll look to your right, you'll see I added some ghost/haunted location websites. Up at the top of the page you'll "My Projects" are now tabs and there's one for Ghosthunting Michigan, I just don't have much on the page yet... okay, I have nothing on the page  ;-) 

I'll be working more on that after Dragon*Con.

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H.B. Pattskyn said...

Sigh. And I just cut 4,000 words... well, maybe I'll use them later, but they didn't fit with the new direction.

I'm NOW at 21,000 words.