Wednesday, August 24

Count Down to Dragon*Con

One week (and about 14 hours) from now, my husband, daughter and I will be hitting I-75, to begin our 13 hour trek to Atlanta, GA, for Dragon*Con. I am SOOOO excited. We hadn't planned to go this year; we can honestly only afford a big vacation every other year, and we went there last year, but I'm glad we decided to go this year, too, even if it has made things a little tight the last year. This year is the 25th anniversery of Dragon, and the line up of guests is super impressive.... AND.... I am so very pleased that I'll get to meet a few of my fellow Dreamspinner authors, and participate in an unofficial gathering of m/m romance lovers!  :)   *That* is incredibly exciting (and great big Thank-You's to the folks who are organizing it; I am truly proud and pleased as punch to be a Dreamspinner author, I couldn't have landed with a better bunch of writers!) 

So hey, if you're at Dragon, come and look for me (and a bunch of other really great people) on the 10th floor of the Marriot Hotel, on both Saturday and Sunday from 1-3pm (I have no idea if I'm going to be there one or both days, it depends on what else is going on). I won't have any books or swag to give away, but I know some of the other writers are bringing stuff with them (I don't have any cool stuff, yet. I'm hoping to by ConClave.)

That said, I am woefully behind on my word goal of the week... but, I put in 1800 words on something new. I think I'm going to let that sit for a while now, and get back to what I'm *supposed* to be working on.... after breakfast   ;-)   It sounds like the eggs are almost ready.

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