Saturday, March 5

Post ConVocation....

ConVocartion is now a little under a week behind us; I'm almost unpacked.  I've gotten some sleep and gotten back on my 'diet'  (which isn't to say I'm on a diet, perse, it's just to say that I'm back to my regular eating habits, for which my body is quite grateful!)

I've also been doing a fair amount of painting this week, as I've got to get a bunch of new work bundled off to MidSouthCon on Monday.  (Three more to finish, bag and tag and I'm done!)  

ConVocation was really cathartic for me in a lot of ways.  I spent part of one of the days sitting at my sister's dealer room table, partly helping her, and partly just because I needed a place to sit and re-group my brain cells after teaching two classes and doing two rituals (one of them a big one) in less than 48 hours.   Sitting there hanging out, I realized how much I missed being at cons (ConVocation shares many things with science fiction conventions--and a lot of things are different, too.)   I am very, very pleased to say that my sister and I had a good time together and are going to be doing more of this... I may even have put a bee in her bonnet about a Steampunk expo next year  ;-)   (Her stuff would go over better than mine... mostly likely... but it would still be good advertising for me to go and show off my artwork... maybe even a story or two, depending on where I am in a year.)

Other good things happened: I got to catch up with friends from Chicago (I'm not sure the term friend properly applied before Con, but I'm pretty sure it does now.)   I also got the opportunity to talk to two wonderful teachers/presenters, one of whom happens to be an artist I've admired for years... and an acquaintance from many years ago showed up and we had a chance to catch up a bit.  So in a lot of ways, it felt like coming home.  I was doing what I loved, showing my work, hanging in the dealers' room... all that was missing were the con-dogs (although my body might be better off without con-dogs -- convention hotdogs.)  I also had many wonderful opportunities to network with leaders within the Pagan community (yikes, I still owe some people emails!)  and to find out that, surprise, my coven isn't unique, everybody deals with the same stuff!  ;-)   

Although I regret dropping out of the sci-fi community when I did--and I wonder where I would be today if I hadn't--I'm glad I've become the person that I am.  Everything the last fifteen years or so has brought me has changed me, encouraged (read: forced) me to grow, and made into who I am, which happens to be a person I rather like.  Some of the bad stuff really sucked, but the good stuff has more than made up for it.

Now I just have to figure out how to balance it all, because there are so many things I want to do this year.  I want to keep writing and producing artwork.  I want to grow as a priestess, witch and shaman.  I'm going to start doing science fiction conventions again, as a dealer, an artist and I would love to get into a couple of panels as well.  And there's a (real) job I'm applying for... might not get it, but seriously, I have to at least apply. 


Wish me luck?

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