Monday, March 7

New Art

All of these are on their way to MidSouthCon in Memphis Tennissee...
there are several other pieces going along with them, but since there are new
I wanted to post them.

"Daughter of the Sword"
or for those of you familiar with
White Wolf:
a Salubri
(or more accurately, my Salubri character  ;-)

"Khristna and Ralff"
Yes, there's a story there...
but you're going to have to wait until I'm more
awake to hear it!

"Only You"
Definitely one of my favorites of the new group
I came really close to not putting it up for sale,
but Khristna and Ralff are already NFS, so...
it it comes home, chances are I'll keep it
or give it to someone (there's a particular someone I have in mind,
I'd just have to convince her that I'm not a creepy stalker girl and it's safe
to give me her address so I can mail it.)

Would you believe I got accused of being a creepy stalker girl by someone, just about a year ago?  Not by the person I was talking to online, but by her family.  Still no idea *what* was going on there; on *my* end it there was nothing hinky about it.

"Fairy Familiar"

"Urban Fairy"

This was my first experimentation with colored pencils in about... 20 years...?  No, maybe closer to 17, but still, a heck of a long time.

(And my poor husband may never recover from the price of colored pencils...)

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