Friday, February 11

I need a good vent...

See, I ordered mats for my art...and they arrived.  So far, so good, right?  Wrong.   The size is off; the openings are larger than my paintings.  This isn't a total disaster for the future, I've got all kinds of paper, I can always make paintings that are large enough to fit, but I have half a dozen completed paintings needing mats. 

Complicating matters, some of my work is off-size... that is to say, I believed the cover of the art pad when it said the paper was 9x12 and bought mats cut to fit that size... lo and behold, the paper is actually 9x11.5 inches.  So even the new mats that the company is sending me still won't fit everything needing a mat (the company, Redimat, was most friendly and helpful and promised to have the new mats out to me ASAP).

I went back online and I finally found a company that does mats to the size I need that doesn't quite charge an arm and a leg for shipping, AND that can (probably) have my order to me in time.  I don't need or want to spend an extra $40 right now, but I guess that's just life; if I want to hang my work, I need mats (and lesson learned, I'll be more careful about believing the advertized size of the paper I'm using.) 

However (you knew there was a 'but', didn't you??) that company spontaneously cancelled my order.  I got a cheerful note from somebody in the office explaining how they thought it was a mistake and cancelled it for me.  If you're going "huh?", well, me too. 

Yes, I was supposed to get a 5% coupon code to use and never did, but seriously, five percent off forty dollars--and twelve of that was shipping, so it's closer to five percent off of twenty something, which amounts to a couple of bucks... that's not going to break me at this point, I just want my mats!  Oh, and although the order was cancelled, the payment wasn't refunded.  (At least not yet.  I paid through paypal, and the payment was made with a credit card, so double chances of getting it refunded shortly, but still....) 

So now I'm debating going back to painting or going upstairs, taking something for my head (which is throbbing, go figure) and then taking out my ire on my Sims.

Or maybe I'll skip the aspirin and pour myself a really big glass of wine...............

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