Thursday, February 3

Happy Thursday!

I am SO far behind on my goals for the week.  It's funny, when I'm writing, I wish I was painting, because painting is "so much faster" (to complete something.)  I've spent the past few days painting and I wish I was writing, because writing is so much faster!  I guess it really is true what they say about the grass always being greener on the other side of the septic tank.

I didn't work on Runes yesterday, either... oooh, the Wed. before ConVocation, the Moon is in Scorpio... she's waning, but a Scorp Moon might be nice for Rune making... or maybe not.   On the upside, it looks like the Moon is in Sagittarius for most of ConVocation (Friday and Saturday) --a good time for "expanding", to be sure  :)  

So what have I done this week?  Painting (I'm hoping to have some pictures posted soon.)  And I registered for two art shows, one with MidSouth Con, in Memphis in March, and ConDuit, in May in Salt Lake City.  I'm not planning on attending either, although I wish I could make it to MidSouth Con.  I love Tennessee!!  Maybe next year....

I also had a wonderful conversation over the phone with John Parise, one of the heads of the DragonCon Art Show.  John is one of the "list parents" for the art show elist I'm on (Yahoo! group), and noticed my post asking for general advice on submitting my work to a juried show.  I've never tried for a juried show before and BORIS is one of the guest jurors.  (In between bouts of panic, I'm laughing over the irony there... and pleased as punch to have the opportunity to see him, Julie Bell and David Palumbo at the Con; I'm anticipating a great Art track.  Even if I don't make it into the show, the opportunity to have artists of such amazing caliber see my work, while scary as all heck, is also very exciting.  Since I've never done a juried show before, I'm really just taking this as a learning experience; Dragon had been on my radar, but as more of a five year plan, not an "aw heck, let's just do it now!" plan.   At any rate, before I digressed, I was about to say that John saw my post and emailed me so we could talk because he didn't want me to feel intimidated about submitting my work and was really super.  I appreciate the time he took out of his day to talk to a complete stranger whose work he's never even seen.  (Which reminds me, I need to update my art on the "My Art" page in the worst way...)

Ok, time to make my tea and go downstairs and paint... I almost hate to go vanish into the basement, it's so pretty outside today (gorgeous sun, it's a nice change from yesterday's snow... which is still on the ground, but this *is* Michigan.)

And with any luck, tomorrow and Saturday I'll be writing and editing.  I have imposed a personal deadline on having Heart's Home edited: March 1st.  On March first I begin submitting it and keeping my fingers and toes crossed!  I've already said that by the end of March, I'd like the rough draft of the (as yet untitled) sequel complete. 

Lastly... every day I draw a few Tarot cards, just to see what my deck has to say to me... I've started using the Russian (St. Petersburg) deck and I'm really digging it.  So today's cards had to do with rash acts leading to monetary issues and legal issues, but that the conflict could be resolved with clear heads and good communication... good advice to be sure.  I finally got around to paying our bills... there's a charge on one of the credit cards for one of those auto-repair insurance policies that I agreed to in a moment of haste and then decided I didn't want (it is far from "bumper to bumper" coverage.)   At any rate, we had to jump through a few hoops, but the last guy was finally able to help us sort cancelling the policy and getting a refund, all we had to do was fax them a letter requesting the cancellation... so I guess the cards were right! 

Ok, One More Thing... I got the Minchiate (the Brian Williams version) deck in the mail yesterday and overall, I like it.  I haven't fully investigated all the extra cards, but I think when I re-do my deck (yes, you read that right, I decided I like some aspects of the deck I'm working on, but others that I hate, so I'm just scrapping it and starting over... on the upside, it means my student whose been coveting a copy my Empress card will likely get the original as a gift... you know who you are and I know you read this...)  At any rate, the one addition to the Minchiate that I am sure I'm going to use in mine is Prudence.  I have no idea when I'm going to start on the re-do and even after I finish the cards, I'm having a heck of a time finding a printer (within my budget), but I guess we'll see... the first Herculean task is the creation of 79 cards (78 + Prudence... and I may decide to incorporate other extras, too... we'll see.) 

"Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot.
In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you."

~Oscar Wilde

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