Friday, February 4

Happy Weekend!

All it took was one day of messing with my schedule to completely screw me up.  See, I didn't have to get up early on Thursday, so I stayed up SUPER late on Wed. (we're talking 3am).  So yesterday, I didn't feel like going to bed early, either and stayed up until 2am.  I took a long nap this evening, and consequently am alive, alert, awake and painting... or taking a break while I wait for a couple of pieces to dry.  I have absolutely no idea when I'll get to bed.  I don't have to get up early tomorrow, but I really need to get back to my regular schedule; getting my butt out of bed at 4:30, with only about two hours of sleep behind me, wasn't fun. 

I got in a little editing on Heart's Home this afternoon, and no, I still haven't written anything on the sequel... I may have to scrap my plans to get in 5000 words this week.  I suppose that's why the need to be flexible and not too attached to time-tables keeps coming up in my daily tarot card readings  :)   (I've been trying to start every morning with a one to three card reading, more for practice than out of any dependence on the cards; the message has been pretty consistent on a couple of things.) 

This is Ix Chel, Mayan Moon Goddess.  I actually did her a few days ago, but didn't get around to photographing the image until yesterday.  She's 6x9 inches and for sale (see My Art page on the left for a complete listing of everything on offer... and a piece or two that aren't for sale, but I wanted to include anyway.

This one is called "Awakening the Earth" and is not for sale; I was about half way through the painting when I knew it was going to be a gift for some very special friends.  Sometimes I start working on something (or finish it) and it speaks so loudly to me of someone that I hardly feel as if I have any choice but to give it to them.  (And truthfully, I love making gifts of my work.)

The "forest" wasn't part of the original sketch, but the landscape looked a little barren, so I added it in freehand at the end.  Here's the original sketch--and my kitty, Lilith.  She's my constant companion and friend and often with me, even in when I'm painting.

This one is called "Blue" -- the colors, while muted, are much more vivid up close and personal.  The color scheme was inspired by all the snow we've been having lately. 

Here's a close up of some of the detail.
Her kimono was a multi-step process
and is a combination of media and techniques.

The idea for the drawing came to me when my dog crawled up behind me on the sofa and put his head on my shoulder. 

Blue is 9x12 inches and $40.

I originally did this piece to take to ConVocation; the theme this year is centered around the Star card of the tarot, which is about hope and wishes (ergo the pregnant woman in the picture); the figure in the Star card is often standing in or near water.  

But after I drew her, she needed wings.  I still figured she could be a reasonable Star card... even with bat-wings.  Then when I got to the point of painting the central character, she cried out to be Drow.  I was mystified, but it refused to go any other way.  I probably won't take her to ConVo, she's a little to fantasy for a Pagan show where I have a limited amount of space, but I wanted to put her up online.

Her name is "Dark Faerie's Secret" and she's 6x9.  She's $20. 

The last one I'm posting today is called Star Goddess and she is going with me to ConVocation; she definitely has to be seen in person to be appreciated.  She's 10x14 and $50.

As you can see from the date, I painted her last year, but haven't had a chance to get her photographed until now.

I need to spend next week really buckling down and getting ready for ConVocation; I have to get notes together for one class and re-visit the notes for the meditation class, and of course narrow down which pieces I'm taking to the art show. I have a limited amount of space this year... sadly, the price of panels has gone up signifigantly in the last few years. If ConVocation weren't my "home show", I really might reconsider the wisdom of continuing to spend twice what other shows charge panel space... but I really love ConVocation. (And I suppose the logic is that since they don't charge a commission on sold pieces, they can charge more for panel space, but really, that only hurts the artist. If I' sell a piece, I don't mind giving the con a small percentage of the sale, considering I'm still usually walking out of the show with more money than I had in my pocket when I walked in.) BUT... considering I promised my husband to stay off of con-committees (all con-committees), I only have so much room to complain about the way the committee does things, seeing as I'm not a part of the decision making process.

Ok, the pieces I started should be dry enough to work on!  Time to get painting. 

Happy weekend, everyone!

"Dream as if you'll live forever;
Life as if you'll die today."

James Dean


Anonymous said...


You should submit to ConClave - I don't think there is a commission....I think all of your work would fit in either way.


H.B. Pattskyn said...

Thank you!!!

I did Clave last year and had a lot of fun (I didn't attend the convention, I just did the art show, but the staff was SO wonderful!) I didn't sell anything, but I'm just started getting back into it and re-learning the ropes.

I'm definitely plannign on showing there again. This year I might attend the con as well. (Hopefully I'll be recovered from Dragon by then! Last year, I still had blisters on my feet in October!)

Brian said...

Did you know that James Dean was reportedly in a coven while living in LA.?

H.B. Pattskyn said...

Brian -- nothing James Dean would surprise me :)