Monday, January 10

New Project

Well, one of many, actually  ;-)

I decided I wanted to chart my progress on the new story I've started -- it's the sequel to the one I've posted snippets of here (Heart's Home about a sexy werewolf and his beautiful--male--human lover.  In the sequel, our couple becomes a triad, adding a gorgeous male Daemon to their relationship.)  No, I haven't sold the first manuscript yet, but I *really* need something to work on to keep me out of trouble, so.... here I am.  This morning, I started typing with just a little over 900 words on the 'page'.  As of this moment, I'm up to 4500 words.  I'm not done for the day (I know, I know, that means I should be typing that not this), but I figured if I didn't take a minute to do this now, I might forget later (especially since I just finished a gorgeous sex scene... I figure taking a few minutes to update my blog is slightly more productive than diving for a cold shower.  I don't really fancy cold showers, anyway!)

My other new projects include getting some artwork done (not exactly new, except that I have a new drawing to paint in and another one that's been in my head forever... well, two others, one that's been in my head forever, the other that's only been in my head since the Bear Medicine workshop I took down in Ohio a month or so ago.)  

Also, looking forward to starting a Rune Adventure... no, I'm not talking about some new D&D campaign, I'm talking about actually making a set of runes.  If all goes well, I may make a couple of sets to sell.   Given that some other guy/gal is selling similar sets for $70 on Etsy, I'm hoping to be able to sell mine for $35.  I don't know if I've just found a better supplier for materials or what, but $70 seems excessive to me.   Keep your fingers crossed for me... I seriously need to generate more income (I know, me and everybody else!)

One thing I will never stoop to, however, is something I found online the other day while I was researching the Jotnar (hope I spelled that right, I don't feel like looking it up.  Think so.)  At any rate, the Jotnar are more or less to the Aesir as the Titans are to the Olympians.  Obviously, this ties into the whole Rune Adventure thing  ;-)  At any rate, I was cruising around the Internet and found a site actually selling custom written essays and term papers, guaranteed not to raise your teachers' proverbial red flags as being not your own work.  Now, I know this is nothing new, people have been paying other people to write their term papers for... well, for as long as teachers have assigned term papers!  But come on, advertising it online?!  (For $14.95 per 300 word page, bib. and title pages free -- AND you can communicate directly with your writer to get "your" paper tailored to your specific needs.)  I'm not saying I've never had to suffer through a bull shit paper before... or bull shitted my way through an insufferable paper before (lesson: figure out what your teacher wants and give it to them)... but never in a million years would I ever have considered writing papers for money, not like that.  (And do not get me going on what I would do with my kid if I ever caught her buying or selling term papers...)  Besides, I can't imagine a teacher being convinced that their C student Johnny is suddenly brilliant enough to turn in an A paper; I once got accused of plagiarism when I had, in fact, NOT plagiarized a word.  It was the first paper that teacher had assigned us and he wasn't a terrible jerk about it, he just told me to do it over.  I dumbed down my writing and got an A.  At the end of the class I told him that I hadn't stolen anyone else's work for my first paper; that's when he said the first paper seemed too good, so he just assumed I'd copied it from somewhere.  Like I said, lesson learned, figure out what the prof wants and give it to them.  It's kinda sad, really; my writing isn't *that* good, it's just that that particular teacher expected very low quality from his students.  When one of us surprised him, instead of nurturing it--or even asking--he just assumed.

Ok, time to go back to work...

Happy Monday!!

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