Wednesday, January 12

Happy Capricorn!

My birthday present arrived today!     :)
Yes, I am probably one of only a small handful of people who would get so excited by this:

Those are horse's teeth, in case anyone is wondering. 
Assuming I believe the seller, they're from Tibet. 
(No reason not to believe him/her, but you know you
can't believe everything you read on the 'Net).
I can say with certainty from the return label
on the packaging that it came from China.

In other news, I started writing today with 5500 words on the page and currently have 7500 (give or take a dozen)... and already I'm sure it's awful!  Oh well, I go through this with everything I write.  Hopefully the next two thousand words will convince me it's really all right.

AND.... I put 300 words on the page for Jack and Kam.  I've got a number of ideas rumbling through my brain, so there is some hope that the Bonny Welshman will be back on course sometime soon.

I was also finally able to order my supplies for making runes... I have enough for three sets plus the set I'm making for myself.  I'll be posting pics and details as I go.  I'd like to work with wood over the summer and do some sets in wood; I've got several willow, oak and crab apple branches that I collected last summer with the intention of doing something C/crafty, but just never got to it. 

Ok, time to go pick my husband up from work; maybe when I get home some of the cobwebs will have cleared and I'll be able to go back to James, Alun and Robin.... and Jack and Kam.  :)


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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the writing! I have to admit, I've been stalking you a bit, looking for updates on Jack and Kam. That's only because I can't see whats going on in your original works!