Tuesday, January 25

Good Night Moon...

Ok, if you don't have kids or work around children's literature, you probably won't get it.  That's ok.  I'm just dashing off a quick entry to celebrate a particularly productive day.  I started out with a word count of about 13,500 and ended the day with 17,430 words!   I also fluffed up my art portfolio a little by taking pictures of some of the paintings for my on-hold tarot series and getting the pictures developed and bought a new tarot deck (mail order, it won't be here for a while; it's a re-drawing of the 16th century Minchiate Tarot, a 97 card deck.  The guy who re-vamped the deck is Brian Williams, who was one of my favorite tarot artists.)

Now I'm off to bed because I have to get up at 4am tomorrow... just like I did today. 

Good night all,

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