Wednesday, December 29

Thoughts for Today

My thoughts for today actually come from Sara Teasdale.  I would say that she's one of my favorite poets, but I don't really have favorite poets, just people whose writing I like. 

For a very long time I was a loner by nature... I still am to an extint, I'm very much an introvert, you see.  But for the longest time, this particular poem served as a sort of personal motto, because  I only ever had a few very close friends.  I was very happy.  Then, as time went on, I found myself with more people in my life, many of whom I called friends. 

Friendship, however, is a very tricky word to define; it means something competely different to everybody who uses it.  After a while, the heart gets a little weary.  Maybe it's just time for a rest.

A Reply
by Sara Teasdale

Four people knew the very me,
Four is enough, so let it be;

For the rest I make no chart,
There are no highroads to my heart;

The gates are locked, they will not stir
For any ardent traveler.

And on the whole, I think life good--
So waste no sympathy on me
Or any well-meant gallantry;

I have enough to do to muse
On memories I would not lose.

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