Tuesday, December 7


For about three minutes, belonged to a Yahoo! Romance writers group.  They have a very long list of rules, most of which are very much about courtesy and common sense.  Then I hit on this ditty:

"...romance is defined as "the love story of one man and one woman..."

Excuse me?  The love story of one man and one woman?  Really??  What about a man and a man?  Or a woman and a woman?  Or a man and a woman and a woman?  Or a man and a man and a man???   Who's writing these rules for what constitutes romance at the Romance Writers' Community?  The same people who tell us that two men can't get married because they're both men?   (Fave new quote: My marriage doesn't need protection, my rights do!)

This is the 21st century, wake up and embrace equality. 

I mean, I get it if gay/lesbian/multi partner romance isn't a particular person's cup of tea, but to limit an eGroup's definition of romance so narrowly really kinda scares me.  Romance is supposed to be about love and acceptance.

Ok, I'm getting off my soap box now to go work on my romance novel.  It's *almost* done.  Well.  The rough draft is almost done.  


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