Sunday, November 7

NaNoWriMo Update (2)

Well, here we are starting the second week of NaNoWriMo, and it looks like I have to throw in the official towel.  I can't get my constable and werewolf (and their eventual third partner, a demon) out of my head, so I'm going back to their story.  I'm hovering right around 67,000 words and editing some before moving forward to wrap it up.  I got just a little over 7000 words in on the story I was trying to write for NaNo, which isn't bad for a week that started late.  I'm not really disappointed... I'm not stopping writing, just going back to the story I'm the more emotionally invested in. 

On the upside, I bought some cool writing music for the story that's been set aside and went and found a couple of disks that had gotten lost in the pile.  I'm pretty happy about having new writing music.

My new CD's:  Eyes Open by Snow Patrol, Stop All the World Now by Howie Day, and Uppers & Downers by Fisher--none of which I would have discovered without You Tube.

So with that said... time to get back to my Victorian age werewolves!  If I'm unable to find a publisher, I will be putting it out myself (but really, really keeping my fingers crossed.  At least the list of  publishers of m/m romance is short enough that I can get through it in a reasonable time and make a decision which on why I'm going by the end of next year.  One way or another, it's a good story and I'm really excited to be getting back to working on it.)

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