Sunday, October 17

My Victorian Adventure Continues

Well... I got my blouse pattern in the mail on Friday and eagerly tore into it. The blouse is utterly beautiful (in the picture, that is!) and the pattern is printed on thick white paper (huzzah!), but the instructions might as well be written in Swahili for all the sense they (don't) make!

On the upside, I found pattern making paper at Haberman Fabric in Royal Oak so I can size it up; unlike Truly Victorian, Ageless Patterns only come in one size. This one happens to be a 24 inch waist. Let's just leave it with: my waist isn't 24 inches, folks! I'm not especially nervous about sizing it up (except for the sleeve, because ye Gods! is it huge!), just putting it together. But I guess that's what muslin mock-ups are for :)

Speaking of, I did a muslin mock-up of the jacket... tres cute! Well, ok, other than I had my 14 year old helping me take my measurements and they were off by more than a smidge, but that was an easy fix. Glad I did the trial run in cheap fabric.

Since the camera has re-surfaced, I'll be able to take some pictures along the way to document my "progress."

Tomorrow's adventure: back to the fabric store! I'm still looking for fabric for the blouse and I've promised my offspring that I'll do her another anime costume.

And... I have just passed the 50,000 word mark on the novel! New working title: The Heart's Home. I know, mushy, huh? The last couple of chapters need some serious tweaking, but the bulk of it seems pretty on-track for a rough draft. Hopefully one of my kind and wonderful friends will agree to give it a read-through for me... I'm dying for first impressions. I've gotten totally spoilt writing fanfiction where the feedback is pretty much instantaneous.

Oh, dearest Gods... Blogger updated again and I can't find the spell check! Ok, time to zip this puppy over to Word and then back again...

Holy crud, would you believe I even spelled "instantaneous" correctly on the first go?! The only red lines I got were for 'ainme', 'Haberman', 'tres', and 'fanfiction'!

Better look out for four guys on horses folks, because the day my spelling is accurate has got to signal the end of the world!

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