Tuesday, October 26

Moon in Gemini

Yesterday, I was ready to chuck my whole story because I hated it.  I realized I was being irrational reaction and I was just having a hard time concentrating, but it was very frustrating.  I ended up on two walks and taking a trip to the fabric store...and I still couldn't concentrate on anything.  I couldn't even listen to a whole song, I kept skipping ahead to the next track on the CD, changing CD's and generally feeling fidgety. 

Finally I glanced at the moon's astrological position... the moon was (and still is) in Gemini.  According to the folks at http://www.lunarium.co.uk/, when the moon is in Gemini, we get an increased sense of sociability and an interest in intellectual pursuits.  Ok, that makes sense, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, after all.   But Gemini is an Air sign (and Mercury an Air planet) and Air can be... well, flighty.  All day yesterday, I was exhibiting all of the 'symptoms' of an overabundance of Air Energy: flighty, easily distracted, couldn't concentrate.  So today I'm taking it easy, sewing a little, writing a little (I don't hate my story any more; in fact I figured something out that brings the whole thing together exactly perfectly, Praise to the Muses!  And maybe Hermes, too, since Mercury is His planet and it was its influences that I got the Brilliant Idea I needed.)  Mostly I'm making the effort not to fight the flightiness but just go with it (the moon rules our emotions, by the way.  So wherever the moon is, is an indication of the over all 'mood' of the day.)

Monday, by the way, is the Moon's day.  Today is Mars's day but since I'm not fighting it, I'm a lot more relaxed.  Tomorrow is Mercury's day.  The moon will be in Gemini until about 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. 

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