Thursday, September 9

Remember in my last post I mentioned coming home from Dragon inspired to at least two, but probably a trilogy of novels? Well, I figured since the idea initially came from a picture in the art show (did I mention that part? Sorry...and super sorry, I don't remember the artist or name of the painting.) Anyway, I figured since inspiration struck at seeing all that steampunk art and costuming, that I might want to incorporate some steampunk into the story itself. Now, the story/ies is/are still cooking in the back of my brain, and I've got what, six other projects? (It sure feels like it, anyway.) But that makes this the perfect time to do a little research because steampunk is something that I don't know too much about... I mean there's the Wild Wild West and the Sky Captain movies (both totally awesome, by the by) and I've loved steampunk couture since the first time I saw it... oh wait, I love Victorian/Edwardian attire... duh. ;-) We're doing steampunk costuming for Dragon next year; I've ordered a jacket/vest pattern, found a shirt (not in my size) that I'm going to make... yeah, I sew, too and sometimes that means making up my own patterns. No, I do not do commission work... at least not yet...

Anyway, I'm babbling--pre-coffee blogging probably isn't the brightest idea in the world. ;-)

So, the point of this little entry is that in the course of my research, I found the following article and wanted to share it a) because it's pretty good and b) because a lot of these sorts of websites pay their writers by the hit and I want to support a fellow writer in any way that I can for their good work.

Oh yeah, and now that we've decided to go back to DragonCon next year, in costume, no less, (we reserved our room last night to be near my dear friend from NY), I've set DragonCon as my deadline for that first novel... am I really insane or just a masochist....? Remember, I've still got the Necromancer's Apprentice to finish, that Wicca 101 book and I'm not changing my NaNoWriMo project because it's a story I really want to write and my fanfiction to keep up with. I'd really, really, really like to do a painting of 'my' Torchwood team... but that's another blog entry all together!

I still haven't decided exactly how steampunk the novels are going to be; I refuse to hop on the bandwagon strictly for the sake of it. I reckon I'll end up doing what I usually do: write the story I want to write and figure out what category it falls under later. I have decided that my one 'normal' human protagonist is the son of a man who worked closely with Charles Babbage. James' mother, however, was a witch. I just haven't decided if she was a Good Witch or a Bad Witch... kinda leaning towards the Bad variety... like I said, it's still cooking. Hopefully, I'll be able to start writing it in earnest in January.

Ok, more coffee and then time to do some writing...

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Unknown said...

Steampunk is one of my favourite genres :)
It's also kind of fascinating, and the wealth of sub-genres and different premises and definitions are kind of awesome *is jealous of steampunk outfit*