Friday, August 20

Unexpectedly Published!

Have you ever had a rough week... ok, make that a rough month... and than had something so unexpectedly wonderful happen that your faith in the Universe (or at least certain individuals within it) is almost completely renewed?

I've had a hard week--stircly emotionally speaking. My husband's work has been *super* stressful, which affects me because he's my husband and I love him, so I hate seeing him like this. My own week has left me feeling like my heart chakra took a beating and a half. (Probably because it did.) I'm not going to get into the details on a public forum, but suffice it to say, we all have times when we really wonder about ma'at--the balance or order of the cosmos--and if people are really worth all the grife and trouble they put us through.

But then something wonderful happens.

My something wonderful arrived in the mail in the form of a 721 page book (Good Gods! Did we really write that many pages?!) with my name standing alongside the names of two other fantastically talented ladies on the front cover. The book, The Adventures of the Bonny Welshman, came as a complete surprise to me, but it couldn't have come at a better time.

And now I get to say I'm published and I didn't even do it myself! :D

So a huge public thank you to Whit for making my day, today. I needed it in a way you couldn't imagine (or at least that you didn't know; I think we all have these sorts of days/weeks/months. The "puppies" are beautiful, by the way!) I really hadn't had any intention of giving up on people, it's just not in my nature (Venus in Pisces, remember?) but it's just gobsmackingly amazing when something so profoundly simple yet fantastically wonderful happens... only I guess it didn't just happen, someone made it happen.

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