Friday, July 30

Reason Number 6 (I think it's six) for "vanity" publishing

But first an apology to my wonderful Facebook friends who came to check this out and couldn't find it on the first go around. I'm totally behind the times when it comes to technology. The new link that I put up should work and you should be reading this! Even if it was just to say you couldn't find it, it was so cool to see that Roo and my sister in law, Cas, had tried to get to my blog!

Roo: I promise to get working on Jack and Kam soon!

So I spent my day not writing because I didn't feel like writing, but I *did* want to do something writing related. That led me to looking at marketing ideas. The hot not-so-new trend in books is video trailers, typically posted on Youtube. I already adore Youtube and my first round of higher education (about a million years ago) was at the Specs Howard School of broadcast art. The technology has changed, but I don't mind saying that I'm pretty good when it comes to cobbling a short piece together on movie-maker. (Hey, if my fourth graders can do it... LOL).

Anyway, one of the many video book trailers I watched was from a well known romance author (again, no names are going to be named.) The trailer was pretty well put together; the author did it herself, because despite gripe number-whatever-it-was of mine, I do realize that authors need to do some of their own marketing (I would just expect a *little* help if I were going a more traditional route.) But as I was saying... the video was pretty good except the author couldn't show us the cover of her book. Why? She didn't have her publisher's permission to use her book cover in her promotional material! I mean, ok, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to go into the bookstore with just the title and author and come out with the right book, but I was really surprised that here was this lady willing to do her own legwork, but unable to promote her book using the cover because (since they'd paid for it) the publisher owned the copyright to the cover image. I get it that they paid for it, but really... would it be so bad to say to Ms. Author that it's ok to use it increase sales?

So ok, maybe I'm going to have something to blog about after all ;-)

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