Be My Guest!

Would you like to be write a guest post or be interviewed on my blog?

Whether you have a new book coming out, or an older book you'd like to draw some attention to--or something you want to talk about just 'cuz, shoot me an email at

I'm also open to guest posts by a artists, editors, and readers... anyone at all. As long as what you want to talk about is likely to be of interest to my readership, I'd love to have you!

Below is the current schedule--although it's subject to change as more dates get filled and of course because sometimes life happens and someone might have to cancel.

Current Schedule: 

October 4:
Michael Bowler

October 12: 

October 24:
Michael Rupured 

October 28:
Jessica Skye Davies

November 2:
Garret Leigh

November 4:
Ken Murphy

November 13:
Shira Anthony

November 16:

November 21:
Bru Baker

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