Wednesday, October 1

Happy October!

Autumn is my favorite season (Spring is a close--oh so very close--second, especially in February when I'm up to my eyeballs in snow!) But Autumn will always be Number One, if only for one reason: Halloween.

I can guess what some of you are thinking ("that's because you're a witch"), but the truth is a) there are seven other holidays (and believe it or not, Halloween isn't every witch's favorite one) and b) Halloween was always one of my two favorite holidays (the other being Christmas/Yule.) 

It starts in September, with cooler nights, the constellation Orion rising higher above the horizon (right outside my front door around sunrise, how freaking awesome!), and the first few leaves starting to turn gold. But by October 1st, it's here. You can feel it. There's a nip of something cool and mysterious in the air, an electric charge of anticipation that tells you Halloween is almost here. 

So what do I love about Autumn and why is Halloween my favorite holiday? The answers are fairly similar. The cooler temperatures, the changing leaves. The harvest (I almost always have a garden). Apples, cider, and pumpkins. The Winter constellations becoming visible in the night sky. I'm no fan of hot summer days, so even though Winter is cold, I'd rather bundle up in my favorite sweater or snuggle up under the blankets with my husband and dog than sweat to death in the heat. I love the long days of summer, but give me a cool walk in the Autumn woods over a day at the beach any time! And I have to admit, while I'm not a huge TV addict, this year there were some pretty awesome fall shows to look forward to the return of.

My absolute number one, favorite part of Halloween has always been--and will probably always be--carving jack o' lanterns. Maybe it's the artist in me, or maybe I just like murdering pumpkins and eating their innards (seeds)   ;-)   But Jack o' lanterns are the best thing about the holiday--which happens to be my wedding anniversary, by the way. (We had loads of jack o' lanterns around the ceremony site, one of the smaller temple rooms in Detroit's Masonic Temple, and instead of boring old Table #1, #2, etc., at the reception, or then then trendy Table Love, Hope, Fidelity, etc., we assigned our guests to sit at the Mary Shelly Table, the Vincent Price Table, and being Detroiters, how could we not have a James O'Barr table? Others included Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and Peter Cushing. The kids, of course, sat at the J.K. Rowling Table.  ;-)  )

Autumn also means being able to bake more, because it's cooler out. Having a reasonable sized toaster oven helps, but who wants to beak when it's 100 degrees outside? A nice cool Autumn day, though, with fresh apples or a great big pumpkin....?  :)  Yeah. This is when you'll find me in the kitchen.

What about you? What's your favorite season/holiday (religious or secular) and why? 

Monday, September 29

Bisexual Visibility Month, Special Guest Sara Testarosa

Please give a warm welcome to the lovely Sara Testarosa! Sara was one of my awesome beta readers for Tentacles and Chain

Hello, HB Pattskyn fans and friends! I'm Sara Testarossa, erotic romance author, and I'm pansexual. Thanks to HB for hosting me today for Bisexual Visibility Month! The recent posts on the topics have resonated with me a lot.

It’s Bisexuality Visibility Month, not Pansexuality Visibility Month, but technically, my orientation can be defined as bisexual. I personally prefer the label pansexual for describing my orientation, because I feel that the word itself is most accurate on a linguistic level. Some of you may know already that "pan" means "all" and “bi” means “two.” I like the label pansexual because “all” is more inclusive of genders and sexes outside of "male" and "female," and that is in line with my attraction. It's more an issue of semantics than anything, because plenty of bisexual folks are attracted to people outside of the gender binary. But I'm not here to talk about linguistics; I'm here to talk about sexual orientation!

I've been aesthetically and physically attracted to people who have identified as pretty much every gender I’ve come across - male (including cisgender and transgender), female (including cisgender and transgender), genderqueer, genderfluid, bigender, neutrois, agender… I think that many people are nice to look at and pretty/hot/cute/sexy/handsome as the case may be, and if they have a personality that clicks with mine, I can be emotionally attracted to them as well. My attractions have been more obvious since I came out a few years ago.

I was in deep denial for many years, despite growing up in a family that would have supported me if they knew I was something other than straight. I have lesbian aunts - my mom's sister, and her partner - who have been together for about thirty years and have two kids. My mom is very supportive of her sister and sister’s partner. Dad treated a lot of LGB patients, and his best friend for many years was a gay man.

But I was in denial about my own "anything other than straight" identity until my early twenties, even during my activism in the LGBTQAetc alliance in high school and the beginning of college. I held positions of leadership and advocated for my friends while pretending to be "just an ally." When I started to acknowledge my attraction to people other than cisgender men in college, a little at a time, it was slightly uncomfortable and I was a bit confused about my orientation. But when I was willing to be honest with myself, I recognized that I had attractions to people of various genders. I finally came out to friends and my immediate family during grad school. It was a relief to finally be telling the truth to myself and others.

Since then, I've been more open about my attractions to people of genders all across the board. Just by happenstance, I've only been in romantic relationships with cisgender men. However, in my adventures in the kink community over the last year and a half (more details on my own blog), I’ve engaged in sexual and nonsexual BDSM play with people of various sexes and genders.

I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend, a cisgender man, for almost a year and a half (we met in the kink community). We’ve been living together for a year, and are incredibly compatible and very happy together. From the beginning, we’ve been in an open relationship with the freedom to do kinky and/or sexy things with others outside of our relationship, either together or separately. We’ve taken advantage of this at times (more with the nonsexual kink than sexual stuff). And if we ever choose to develop a romantic relationship with someone else, that’s an option.

Again, much of this is a story for another time (perhaps in a post on polyamory)… But I wanted to address my relationship situation because it’s relevant to my orientation. If I choose to hide my orientation, I can “pass” as straight with most people, since my only romantic partner is a cis man. I’m not out about being poly, because a lot of that is kink and sex related rather than romantic related (right now anyway), and thus, not really others’ business (except that of my readers when I choose to share about it). But I like to be out about being pansexual, because having straight privilege from perceived heterosexuality makes me uncomfortable, since it’s based on a lie. I don’t scream my orientation from the rooftops, but I don’t hide it, either. I’m fortunate that even if my partner weren’t a cis man, my state does allow same sex marriage. Plus, anti-discrimination laws related to sexual orientation are in place. Gender identity is on its way to being more fully protected by law. Of course, law and practice differ, but it’s getting better, I think.

On a lighter note, I’d like to respond to a few comments and questions that bisexual and pansexual people face on a regular basis (several of these based on personal experience):

Comment: Oh, so you’re just greedy! Not that there’s anything wrong with being greedy… (I got this from a straight bouncer at a gay club, of all places… and subsequently ended up giving him a lesson in Transgender 101 when I used the word cisgender and he didn’t know what it meant)

Reply: Nope, I’m not greedy. I like keeping my options open, but the options are based on an innate attraction.

Comment: Bisexual/pansexual people are sluts.
Reply: Nope. I’m actually pretty picky about who I have sex with. And even if I had sex with lots of people, would that really be a problem, as long as I were doing it with everyone’s consent, and using safer sex practices?

Question/Comment: Which do you like better, men or women? You must have a preference!
Reply: It’s complicated. I’m attracted to male, female, and androgynous traits. Some bisexual and pansexual people do have a “type” or two that they’re more attracted to, but my tastes are all across the board.

Comment: Bi/pan people can’t be monogamous and will want to be with someone of the other sex in addition to their partner.

Reply: Nope. I know some straight people in polyamorous relationships, and some bi/pan people in monogamous relationships. This is actually my first open/polyamorous relationship. I have never cheated on a partner, and am perfectly capable of monogamy.

Question: Do you and your boyfriend have threesomes with other women?
Reply: Sometimes. Why, are you jealous?

And, I think I’ll end there. Thanks again to HB for hosting. It’s been fun to write this and hope you folks found it interesting!

Sara Testarossa posts all kinds of hopefully interesting things at the following links:
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Twitter: (@SaraTestarossa)

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Tentacles and Chain (Ch. 13)

Chapter Thirteen

Master was quiet for a long moment. “And if so?” he finally asked.
Trellen shrugged. It didn’t matter. “Perhaps being stalked is better than being snatched on a whim, simply because I was convenient.” Wasn’t it?  Or had he made himself convenient by allowing his curiosity to drive him from the safety of the colony so frequently? Was this what happened to unwary Cetaceans? Was this what had happened to Luce when he left the colony?
The soft touch of Master’s hand to his cheek brought Trellen back from the abyss of unhappy thoughts. He popped the last bit of stuffed kelp into his mouth, swallowed, and leaned into his Master’s touch—but then tentacles curled around Trellen’s body and he tensed.
“Do you still fear me so much?” Master asked. Did he actually sound hurt, or was Trellen only hearing what he wanted to?
Trellen forced himself to relax and shook his head. Master drew him into his lap. Trellen relaxed for real. There was something about the way Master held him that made him feel safe. He reached out, half-expecting Master to wrap a tentacle around his wrist, because even when they played without rope and chain, Master always restrained him. It was as if he didn’t want Trellen touching him.
But Master didn’t stop him this time.
Smiling at his unexpected freedom, Trellen ran his hand lightly over Master’s chest. He was muscular. His skin was smooth. Trellen wondered for perhaps the thousandth time what he looked like—but he knew better than to ask. Instead, he laid his head against his Master’s breastbone and listened to his heart beating. The soft, rhythmic thumping was as comforting as the circle of tentacles around him.
If only you would let me see your face, maybe I wouldn’t feel so much like a prisoner in the dark. “Tell me something about yourself,” Trellen implored, his voice little more than a whisper.
“What do you wish to know?”
Master chuckled. “Perhaps if you asked me a question, I could answer it.”
That was easier said than done; a million questions swam around Trellen’s mind. Who are you? Why me? Have there been others? What do you really want? But half of those he was afraid to ask because he feared the answers. The other half were questions he was sure Master would never answer. So he settled on something simple. “Do you have family?”
“Of course.”
“But you’re all alone here…or…?” He bit his lip. Just because he wasn’t aware of any others, didn’t mean the cavern wasn’t teaming with Unspeakable Ones.
“You are here with me, therefore I am not alone.”
“But there are no other Un—I mean, none of your own kind here?”
Another soft chuckle rumbled through Master’s chest. “I am aware of what Cetaceans call my kind, Pretty. And to answer you directly: before you, I was alone. There are no others of my kind here, though a number of very distant cousins reside within.”
Trellen frowned. “You mean octopuses?” 
“Precisely.” He feathered a soft kiss to the top of his head. “Just as you have kinship with your distant cousins, we have kinship with ours.”
Even though Trellen couldn’t see him, he looked up anyway. “Why did you leave your colony?”
Another soft chuckle and another soft kiss. “I have done no such thing, my Pretty.”
“But you said you were alone.”
“Indeed. Cephalopoda—that is how we call ourselves—are solitary by nature. What you would call one of our colonies is spread out over hundreds of leagues, so that each of us may live in quiet solitude but still maintain ties with our kin.”
“Oh.” He snuggled in closer and the tentacles holding him tightened, but not uncomfortably. “How…when did you leave your family’s home?” Trellen wondered.
“When I was little younger than you. That too is quite typical,” he added, before Trellen could ask.
He nodded. “How old are you now?”
“Perhaps a dozen or so turnings your senior.”
How long were you watching me? But that was another one of those questions Trellen was afraid to ask. He closed his eyes and traced the lines of his Master’s chest, trying to form a picture of him in his head, but without knowing what color his skin was, it was impossible.
Still, he doesn’t seem to look like a monster… .
He didn’t act like a monster, either.
But he made me his slave. What did it matter? Trellen was where he was. Even if he could escape, there was no going back to his old life, now. And I am as much a slave to my own wantonness as I am to his perverse desires.
Impulsively, he sought out Master’s nipples with his fingers. When he brushed over one of them, Master let out a soft sound that was somewhere between a moan and a growl, and the nub hardened almost at once under Trellen’s fingertips. Trellen darted out his tongue to lave over it the hard nub, the same way Master did to him. When his impetuousness was met with no objection, Trellen took the nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it, because when Master did that to him, it felt so good.
Apparently, the feeling was mutual. “Keep that up, my Pretty, and you will find yourself getting fucked whether you ask for it or not—and it may not be gentle.”
The naked, unabashed lust in his tone made Trellen’s cock twitch. It made his whole body thrum with need. But was he ready to get fucked?  To be violated?

Then again, I swore I would not fight it. I agreed to belong to him. If his Master chose to fuck him, he would not—could not—stop it from happening.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Tuesday, September 23

Bisexual Awareness Day

When I first became aware of Bisexual Awareness Day and the bisexual flag (blue, lavender, and pink), my first reaction was "Really? We need an awareness day all to ourselves?" There was already an LGBT awareness MONTH and an LGBT flag. Why did bisexuals need something special?

Then someone made an off-handed comment to me. I honesty don't remember what it was, just that I was taken aback that anybody could be so...forgive me, but stupid when it came bisexuality, and did they not know they were talking to a bi woman?!  

No. Apparently they didn't. Most people assume that because I'm married to a man that I'm bisexual. (I'm guilty of the same thing; I've made that assumption plenty of times, although I don't follow it up with a gobsmacked look and saying something dumb like, "But I thought you were happily married!" which, yes, I've heard--and yes, I am.) 

A person doesn't give up or change their sexual orientation when they put a wedding ring on, or even when they get into a relationship. Being happily married doesn't change the fact that I still notice other people--and by "other people" I mean both men AND women. (Even grandma used to say that you don't put on a pair of blinders when you get married and if someone ever says they never look anymore, they're either lying or there's something seriously wrong with them.) 

And unfortunately, I still see and hear all kinds of weird things being said about bisexuals. It comes from both the straight AND gay community. (At one point, a gay man told me I wasn't a part of the LGBT community. Um, excuse me, I'm bi, you know that's what the "B" stands for, right? "Yeah, but you have a husband. That makes you straight." Seriously? What's with sh*t like that?) 

Pride, whether it's Gay Pride or Bi Pride, or Black Pride or Latino Pride or Irish Pride, or InsertSomethingHERE Pride, isn't about asking for a special day or special colors or special privileges. Pride is about coming out of the dark, out of the close, out of the margins of society. The reason we've never needed a Straight Pride Day is because most people *are* straight. Being straight, like being white in the Western world, comes with automatic privileges--the kind most people don't think about. Most people on television look like you. Well, okay, they have personal trainers and dietitians and make artists and hairdressers, but you know what I mean. Most people in most shows on most networks are straight, white, and pretty/handsome. Up until recently, most gay characters were comedy relief, the peculiar uncle, or old maid aunt. That's changed in the last decade (along with getting more people of different ethnicities into main-character roles).  

But even now, bisexual characters are nearly non-existent on television (although to be fair, I only watch so much of it.) The two that spring immediately to mind are Bo, from Lost Girl and "Thirteen" from House, MD, and of course my favorite omnisexual Captain, Jack Harkness from Doctor Who and Torchwood. (The case could be made for his handsome teaboy, as well.) A quick Google search revealed a few others, characters from Skin, and Orange is the New Black, and even Orphan Black, which I do watch, just not regularly. Of the ones I know, Thirteen is probably my favorite for being an accurate representation of a bisexual woman (I love Jack, but he was never meant to be "realistic"--in his own words, he's a modern fifty first century guy!)  

Finding mainstream movies with strong, accurate bisexual characters is a bit more difficult, though some do exist. My favorite (though not mainstream) is The Velocity of Gary, perhaps in part because I have a bit of a fan girl crush on Vincent D'Onofrio (although really, it's a great movie, full of poignant, bittersweet moments.)

One of my favorite literary bisexuals is my friend Shira Anthony's Aiden Lind (from Aria). What I love is the handling of Aiden's sexuality. It's a part of the whole person, nothing more and nothing less. It's not used as a device to drive angst into the story, but it's not downplayed because Aria is a gay romance novel, either. 

It's like real life. I'm bisexual, but that's only a small fraction of who I am. I'm also a wife and a mother, a writer, and volunteer, and someone who loves to cook. I'm happy with my sexual orientation (although that took some time and soul searching when I was younger) and not about to pretend to be straight even though, yes, that would probably make my life easier. What I want is to make it easier for the bisexual men and women who come after me--that means stepping out of the closet and speaking up for myself as a bisexual woman. It means waving my flag and drawing some heat--but it also means discovering that I'm not alone because there are a lot of you out there standing up, too. 


Earlier in the month, I promised a giveaway, and here it is:

  • Name your favorite bisexual character from film, comic books, literature, or TV in the comments below (and please be kind enough to list the book/show/movie so I can check it out, too!)
  • OR Name your favorite openly bisexual actor/actress/celebrity on the comments below
  • On Saturday (when the next chapter of T&C goes up), I'll draw one winner for a $10 Dreamspinner Press Gift Certificate. (Caveat: to use it, you'll have to have or be willing to create a Dreamspinner account--it's easy, painless, and you don't get any spam from them!) 
  • Please make sure you leave your email address so I can contact you. It used to be easy to track down email addys with Blogger (if you have a Blogger account) but the last time I tried, Google had "updated" something and nothing was where it used to be!  (I swear, I can't keep up.) 

Saturday, September 20

Tentacles and Chain (Ch. 12)

Chapter Twelve

It was difficult to mark the passing of time in a place where no sunlight penetrated, but by Trellen’s best reckoning, at least two weeks had passed since he first woke up in darkness.
The first time Master used long lengths of rope to bind his arms, Trellen had been frightened, wondering what he’d done wrong. But Master stroked his cheek and promised that he wasn’t angry.
“Just as I enjoy listening to you beg,” Master explained patiently, “so do I enjoy the way you look restrained.” His tone sent shivers up mixed fear and delight up and down Trellen’s spine. “You look so lovely stretched out before me, my beautiful little wanton.” As he spoke, he trailed his fingertips down Trellen’s stomach and slid his hand down around the base of Trellen’s cock. Trellen quivered as Master caressed his anal slit. It was so wrong, but…but Master was right. He was a wanton. “Will you submit to my pleasures?”
All Trellen could do was nod his agreement. Master bound him his arms behind his back and made use of his mouth. He made Trellen beg for what seemed like hours before allowing Trellen to come—but in the end, he brought Trellen to climax and the orgasm that crashed over him left him shaking and sated.
Then Master gathered Trellen into his arms and carried him to the bed. He told Trellen how beautiful his was and how pleased he was by Trellen’s submission. He rubbed Trellen’s arms and shoulders, relieving the aches that had built up while Trellen was bound. He kissed Trellen’s neck and back, and initiated a second session, more tender than the first, without rope or chain or begging. Master reached between them and grasped both their cocks in one hand, so that their shafts rubbed together. It was so…intimate, touching Master like that, skin to skin. Afterwards Trellen slept curled up against his Master’s chest, just like he always did after they fucked.  
Master only left him while when he went to for food and even then, he was rarely gone for long. Trellen was just as glad. Little was worse than sitting alone in the dark, afraid to wander from the bed chamber, because if he did, how would he find his way back? By then, he’d explored the chamber thoroughly; there were no glow orbs hidden anywhere that Trellen could find. There were only more relics from sunken leviathans, statues and trinkets. There were seashells and smooth stones, pieces of coral—the chamber must surely be beautiful. Trellen amused himself in his Master’s absence by feeling each piece in the dark, trying to imagine what it looked like, wishing for just a little light.
He remembered his Master’s promise—tell me what you fear and I will bring in as many glow orbs as your heart desires—but he would never tell the Unspeakable One that his greatest fear was never seeing the Blue again. Master might genuinely be as gentle and generous as he seemed, but he wasn’t Trellen’s lover or even his friend. He is my Master. I am his slave. Trellen might be living in a more comfortable cage than that little cell he’d woken up in, but it was a cage, none the less.
The water’s scent changed. His Master was back. Trellen put down the thin circlet he’d been blindly admiring and made his way back to the bed. By now he could navigate the entire room from memory.
A moment later, he felt the current shift, and a moment after that, he felt his Master joining him on the soft sand. “I hope you haven’t been awake long.”
“Not very,” Trellen told him earnestly.
“Good.” He stroked Trellen’s cheek and coaxed him into a soft kiss. Trellen returned it eagerly. He liked kissing. Master’s lips were soft, but his kisses were firm, not like Lianna’s—she was the only other person he’d ever kissed, if he could call the brief peck she stole a kiss. Master’s kisses were…intoxicating. Even though it was dark, Trellen closed his eyes and allowed the sensations to wash over him. Desire. Pleasure. Joy. Those feelings only intensified when he felt Master’s lips forming a smile.
At length Master broke the kiss. “I am sorry I kept you waiting, but I hope that you will forgive me once you discover what I’ve brought for you.” He took Trellen’s hands and placed something within them.
Trellen felt…leaves. But not sagren leaves, the texture was wrong and the leaves too big. “Kelp?” But…the leaf seemed to be folded over something. “Stuffed with…?”
“Taste and find out.” He sounded both anxious and pleased with himself and Trellen couldn’t help but grin as he lifted the morsel to his lips and bit into it.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget what he is. And maybe, Trellen reckoned, that was because he wanted to forget. Only why would I want to forget? He brought me here against my will.
He was too hungry, however, to ponder it long. He bit into the kelp and was delighted at the burst of flavor. The leaves were wrapped around fresh urchin meat, a rare delicacy even in the colony. While urchins were easy to catch, they were difficult to handle afterward. Trellen took another bite and closed his eyes; the urchin meat tasted of the Blue, sweet and salty. He swore he could almost taste the sun itself in each tender bite. “You always bring my favorite foods.” It was so good, he was loathe to finish it—but then Master handed him another stuffed leaf.
“You sound surprised,” Master said.
“I am.”
“Would you prefer it if I brought things you didn’t like?” he asked, chuckling.
Trellen smiled too and shook his head. “No, I mean how do you know what I like?”
“Perhaps I’m a good guesser. Or perhaps I am bringing you those things I enjoy and it is merely a happy coincidence that you like them too.” 

Trellen didn’t believe either excuse. “You were watching me. Before you brought me here.” It wasn’t a question. Master had all but admitted as much before. “I left the colony so often and sometimes… sometimes I was sure I felt like someone was watching when I ventured too near the dark waters.” There were only a few sunken leviathans in the shallows. After Trellen had explored them all, he began to go deeper into the murky twilight region between the Blue and Below. “I had thought it was my imagination, my mother’s tales getting into my head and making me afraid. But it wasn’t. It was you, following me.” 

Sunday, September 14

Tentacles and Chain (ch. 11)

HUGE apologies for being late getting this up this week. Yesterday sort of slipped away from me. I guess I really do have to get it in gear and set this up to publish automatically  ;-)

Chapter Eleven

Trellen opened his mouth, but…but what was the catch? What was the price he had to pay to be able to wear Master’s trinket? “I…are you sure?”
“Of course, my Pretty.” He pulled wrapped his arms tightly around Trellen’s chest, making Trellen’s heart race—but from what, he wasn’t sure. Fear? Wantonness? “Come,” Master said, breaking the embrace. “You must be hungry. I brought more sagren leaves and some clams, if you like.”
Trellen ran his fingers over the ring again. There must be some catch—mustn’t there?
Master handed him the net and Trellen’s stomach reminded him that it had been some while since he’d last eaten. “Thank you,”
“You are quite welcome.” Master shifted to sit next to him, though his tentacles were still draped over Trellen’s tail.
Preventing my escape. But really, how could Master expect him to flee? Perhaps he just likes touching me? Not knowing what else to do, Trellen picked up a leaf and ate. It was fresh and sweet, just like before. “Where…where do you find these?”
“There’s an island near here. Sagren grows plentifully in the shallow waters of its lagoon.”
“My…I mean. The colony?”
“No, Pretty. We are some ways from your colony.”
“Oh.” He ate another leaf.
“Perhaps you’d like to try a clam?”
Trellen nodded. Only instead of handing it over, shell and all for Trellen to wrangle, Master pressed a tender piece of meat to Trellen’s lips. Trellen started to raise his hand to take it, but before he got far, both wrists were encircled by tentacles and pulled back to his sides. Master’s grip was light and Trellen didn’t fight him. He accepted the morsel from his Master’s fingertips. It was demeaning—but at the same time, it caused his heart to beat a little faster and his cock to twitch again. What was wrong with him?
Master chuckled his approval, and as soon as Trellen had swallowed, he pressed another morsel to Trellen’s lips.
Was this the price for accepting Master’s gift? Or would he have done this anyway? There was no way to know, but the clam meat was fresh and tender, so Trellen accepted the second offering. And the third and the fourth and eventually he was full and instead of a strip of clam meat pressed to his mouth, he felt his Master’s soft lips. He accepted the kiss. Returned it. He took more pleasure in it than he wanted to, but he couldn’t help himself.
With Trellen’s wrists still restrained, Master began exploring Trellen’s body. He ran his hands and then his lips over Trellen’s chest. Each touch caused Trellen’s cock to swell up a little more, so that by the time Master took one of Trellen’s nipples between his teeth, it was standing at its full height.
When Master nipped at the tender nub, Trellen hissed in pain—but his cock responded by straining harder, aching to be touched. Master wrapped his hand around it and Trellen moaned.
“Do you like this, my Pretty?”
Trellen nodded. There was no use denying it. Heat continued to spread through his chest as Master nipped and nibbled, sometimes hard enough to cause real pain—but every time he did, he caressed Trellen’s cock, causing a different sort of fire to spark in Trellen’s nerves.
“Pain can be a powerful aphrodisiac,” Master murmured, as he transferred his attention to Trellen’s other nipple. “It has to be artfully applied, in small doses at first, but it can be very pleasant.”
Trellen couldn’t argue. He arched his back and pushed his hips forward. It was obscene. He was obscene. But he couldn’t stop the wave mounting inside him. “Please.”
“Please what, my Pretty?”
Master chuckled. “I believe the words you are look for are ‘Please, Master, may I come.’”
Oh Goddess. Master didn’t actually expect him to say that, did he?
He chuckled again. “I can keep you dangling on the edge of orgasm all day, Pretty. I’m in no special hurry. Or if my need does become too urgent, I can always relieve myself while I leave you whimpering.”
“No. Please.”
“Then beg.”
Trellen squeezed his eyes shut. He couldn’t!
“Open your eyes Pretty.”
There was enough of an edge to his tone that Trellen didn’t dare disobey. He opened his eyes. “Please don’t—”
But Master let go of his cock and Trellen’s arguments died in a disappointed cry. Master pressed a finger to Trellen’s lips; there was a hint of saltiness sweetness to it. It was one of the fingers that only a moment ago had been grasping Trellen’s cock. “It is not my wish to be cruel, my sweet. I only wish you to beg because I enjoy hearing the words,” Master told him. “I will only deny you if displease me. Or if it pleases me to watch you suffer a bit longer before I finally allow your release.” He removed his fingers from Trellen’s lips and trailed them slowly down Trellen’s neck. His chest. His stomach. “You may begin by asking me to touch your cock.”
Trellen swallowed hard. His whole body was enflamed with need, but…. But what is one more degradation? It would get him what he wanted, wouldn’t it? “P-please.” The word thick and heavy on his tongue.
“Go on,” Master encouraged, his fingers slowly circling the base of Trellen’s aching cock. “Tell me where you would like to be touched.”
“My…my cock. Please?”
“Surely you can speak in complete sentences, Pretty.”
Shame heated his cheeks. “I….Please…please touch…touch my cock.”
“Very nice.” Master ghosted his fingertips over Trellen’s shaft and Trellen sucked in a breath. “Tell me, Pretty, are you satisfied with my hand, or would you like me to suck your cock?”
“Oh Goddess.”
He chuckled. “Not the goddess, just your Master.” He used his other hand to stroke Trellen’s cheek. “Tell me what you would like me to do next. Shall I continue stroking your cock, or would you like to feel my mouth around it?”
“Your mouth,” he blurted out before he lost his nerve. “Please, please use your mouth.”
“Ask nicely and I will.”
He shook with fear. Revulsion. Desire. Shame. “Please…please, Master, will…will you suck my cock?” Each word was torture to say, but when Master lowered himself and took Trellen’s cock into his mouth, none of it mattered. Trellen let out a loud moan and would have thrust himself deeper into his Master’s throat if it weren’t for the tentacles restraining him. Molten heat filled Trellen as the wave inside his body rose higher. It was like every nerve was on fire, yet craving more. “Please…please more…please?”
Master wove his tongue artfully around Trellen’s shaft and sucked harder. But just when Trellen thought he was going to lose himself to ecstasy, Master pulled back.
Please!” Trellen sobbed.
“You’ve forgotten to ask for permission to come, Pretty. Unless you ask, I will not bring you to completion. I am perfectly capable of keeping you on the edge all day,” he added in a tone that suggested he would enjoy it, too.
Trellen bit his lip. “Please don’t.”
“Then you know what you have to do.”
He shuddered. But he was too far gone to fight. “Please…please let me…let me come? Please?”
Master licked Trellen’s cockhead again, making Trellen’s eyes roll back in his head.  “Please. Please don’t stop,” he begged.
Master took his cockhead between his lips.
“Please. More. Please, Master… please…please.”
With a satisfied chuckle, Master took Trellen’s cock all the way to the base and Trellen let out a loud, low groan. Master’s mouth was so hot, so soft. Master slid his tongue around Trellen’s shaft while Trellen continued to plead for more.
Then Trellen felt something press against his anal slit. Master’s finger. He sucked in a breath.
“Do you like that, Pretty?”
He wanted to say no. He wanted to hate it. But instead, he nodded. “Yes.”
“Would you like my fingers inside you? Would you like me to fuck you with them?”
He nodded again. He wanted Master to touch that place deep inside him that sent sparks shooting through his veins.
“Words, Pretty. I need to hear the words.”
Goddess, please. He wanted it to stop. He wanted it to go on forever. “Please.”
“Say the words or I shall leave you like this, with your lovely cock straining, for a very long time. I have many devices to restrain you. I can bind your arms behind your back and continue to tease you without bringing you to completion.”
“Please no.”
“Then tell me what you want me to do.”
It was no use. He was defeated. “Use your fingers. Inside me. Fuck me with them. Please fuck me with them.”
Master chuckled in triumph. “My beautiful wanton.” And he slid his finger deep inside Trellen’s entrance to hit that spot and send lightning shooting through Trellen’s body.
Trellen moaned and writhed and before he knew it, a second finger had joined the first. “Yes! Please. So good. Please!”
Master’s mouth covered his in a searing kiss. Trellen responded, kissing him back with everything he had. Then Master broke the kiss. “Come for me, my Pretty. Let me see how much you enjoy the way I touch you.” 

Wednesday, September 10

Bisexual Awareness Month, Welcome Author Cat Grant!

Please help me give a warm welcome to the incredibly talented Cat Grant, who is posting today as part of Bisexual Awareness Month. Thank you so much for taking part!

In 2005, the New York Times published a controversial article, which stated that people who claimed to be bi were really “Gay, Straight or Lying.”

(Interesting article. Most of it’s pretty laughable now, but it’s a refreshing look at where we stood on this issue only a few years ago.)

While I appreciate the scientific quest for answers, I think this study got it all wrong from the jump. Sure, show a guy a porno and he gets an erection – it’s an automatic response. But falling in love? Choosing a partner? Building a life together? You won’t see that happening in a lab.

Growing up, I remember being horribly confused about my sexuality. I mean, David Cassidy got me all hot and tingly down there – and a few years later, so did Joan Jett. I’ve fantasized about making out with Tori Amos for almost twenty years, but my latest rock star crushes are both men: Jared Leto (who just won an Oscar for playing a transgender woman) and Jonas Kaufmann, a rock star in the opera world.

The upshot (aside from my taste in music improving over the years) – my poor teenage hormones just couldn’t figure out what they wanted. Plus, I spent twelve years in Catholic school. ‘Nuff said.

It took a few years on the therapist’s couch before I realized that, given my upbringing, being confused about my feelings was perfectly normal. And being attracted to people of both sexes was perfectly normal too.

What can we do to raise bisexual awareness? Well, obviously – come out. The tide didn’t start turning for GLBT rights until straight people realized queers were all around them. They’d been living and working with us for years. They’d given birth to us. Raised us.

What better way to influence hearts and minds than to say the one thing that I – regrettably – never summoned up the courage to say before they passed: “Mom, Dad… I’m bi.

“I know what you must be thinking - and no, bisexual doesn’t mean sex addict. I don’t want to jump every person I meet. I’m just a girl who fell in love with another girl when I was twenty-something, and a guy when I was thirty-something. A guy who was my husband for twenty years.

“Naturally you assumed I was straight. I never gave you any reason to think otherwise. But I’m not straight. I never was. By remaining silent, I let you go on believing something that wasn’t true, and I’m sorry.

“But I can’t stay silent anymore. I’m bisexual. And I will not be erased.”

Cat Grant lives by the sea in beautiful Monterey, California, with one persnickety feline and way too many books and DVDs. When she’s not writing, you can usually find her watching movies or TV (Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries are among her favorite shows), singing along to her favorite band (30 Seconds to Mars), or fantasizing about kinky sex with Michael Fassbender and/or Jared Leto.

Here’s Cat’s various hideouts on the Internet:

You can contact her directly at:

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For all the Courtland fans clamoring for the next generation…
Cold and sick, Seth Thompson must fight through a snowstorm to get home. Seth’s unconventional upbringing taught him to always reach out to strangers in need, and Iranian engineering student Bilal al-Mansoori is no exception. Being trapped together leads to an unexpected mutual attraction—and a feverishly hot night under the covers.

But Bilal needs more than simply a rescue from the weather—he’s trapped under lifetime of cultural pressures. His strict Muslim father and fellow Iranian students have no clue about his inner torment. His attraction to Seth isn’t a welcome discovery—instead he’s trapped between the existence he’s always known and the prospect of living and loving openly for the first time in his life.

Monday, September 8

Jamie Fessenden: Murder on the Mountain Blog Tour

Please help me give a warm welcome to Jamie Fessenden, here on tour with his new book Murder on the Mountain.

Day Five of the Murder on the Mountain Blog Tour!

The main setting for Murder on the Mountain, once we get off the mountain itself, is the Victorian Era resort hotel at the base of the mountain—the Mount Washington Hotel.  This magnificent resort was constructed in 1900 by Joseph Stickney, who’d made his fortune in the coal industry.  Unfortunately, he died just one year after it opened in 1902. 

His wife, Carolyn Stickney, continued to spend her summers in the hotel (it was shut down during the winters, until 1999) and added the fourth floor and several other rooms to it for the next ten years.  Then she moved to London, married a French nobleman, and became the Princess De Faucigny Lucinge.  (Which doesn’t have much to do with anything, but I thought it was cool.)  Upon her death in 1936, the hotel passed into the hands of her nephew, Foster Reynolds.

During Prohibition, the hotel ran its own speakeasy in the basement.  That still exists.  It’s been turned into a bar called The Cave.  During World War II, the hotel ceased operations for a few years, but it was reopened in 1944 and hosted the conference between several countries which established the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

This is quite simply one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever seen.  My husband and I booked a room there last December, combining our anniversary with research for the novel.  As Jesse discovers, it can be rather expensive.  We chose the beginning of December, because by the time I tried to make reservations in November, the rooms were going for over $600 per night!

But December is a great time to stay there if you enjoy the Christmas holidays.  The cavernous foyer had Christmas trees everywhere, and there were fires burning in the two large fireplaces.  My husband felt uncomfortable rubbing elbows with the wealthy, feeling like an interloper, but I had no problem at all stretching out in front of the fire while the ever-present waitstaff brought me fortified eggnog.

For the next four weeks, Murder on the Mountain will be touring the blogs of several MM Romance authors. If you leave your email address in the comments or email me at, you'll be entered into a drawing for a free copy of Murder on the Mountain or a $40 gift certificate to Dreamspinner Press! 

Check the other stops on the tour at: 

When Jesse Morales, a recent college grad who aspires to be a mystery writer, volunteers to work on the summit of Mt. Washington for a week, he expects to work hard. What he doesn’t expect is to find a corpse in the fog, lying among the rocks, his head crushed. The dead man turns out to be a young tourist named Stuart Warren, who strayed from his friends while visiting the mountain.

Kyle Dubois, a widowed state police detective, is called to the scene in the middle of the night, along with his partner, Wesley Roberts. Kyle and Jesse are instantly drawn to one another, except Jesse’s fascination with murder mysteries makes it difficult for Kyle to take the young man seriously. But Jesse finds a way to make himself invaluable to the detective by checking into the hotel where the victim's friends and family are staying and infiltrating their circle. Soon, he is learning things that could very well solve the case—or get him killed.

Available from Dreamspinner Press at: