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Release Day! Puncture Wounds by A. Morell

James is at the end of a long crusade for vengeance against the vampire clan that destroyed everything he held dear. He has Ren, the final and most dangerous of them all, cornered at last in London. But victory remains just out of reach when Ren sets a feral vampire on James and makes his escape. With no other leads, James is forced to take in the feral until he can use its connection to its sire to track down Ren. But in caring for the vampire, James sees they might not all be the monsters he thought them to be. Faced with an ugly truth, his quest for revenge becomes a war for retribution, and the discovery of what it truly means to be human.

Puncture Wounds
by A. Morell

Happy release day! It's been a fun ride getting the story to this point, and at long last it's available to all. Join James on his journey, and help him see it through to the bitter end. Congrats to all my winners, enjoy your free copies! Read on for an excerpt and links to some exclusive sneak peeks into the story:

James fumbled to regain control, and it took a second to realize that it wasn’t teeth he felt now—it was a soft and damp tongue. The almost constant rumbling from deep in the creature’s chest had morphed at some point, from warning growls to what sounded suspiciously like a purr. James felt his skin crawl and tore himself away, stumbling a bit when he stood too fast.
He was reeling. Everything from the past twenty-four hours suddenly came crashing down around him at once. In so short a time, he’d had the last of his sworn enemies in the palm of his hand, let him escape, and brought a feral monster into his own house. And he’d fed it.
James fumbled his way into the kitchen, eying the sink as he felt his stomach threaten to heave. He pushed himself to the fridge, grabbing a nutrition drink and forcing its contents down his throat along with the bile. He reminded himself that he needed it to help his blood recover, and this was all according to plan—take in the feral and get it sane enough to track the one who’d made it.
He braced himself against the counter with both arms, repeating the plan in his head until the moment passed.
He was too busy to notice at first, but something was wrong—nothing hurt. He looked back down at his arm.
It had completely healed.

More on Puncture Wounds:

About A. Morell:
A. Morell spent ten years writing silly things for herself, going through work, school, and a failed career path in the culinary arts before deciding it was time to submit to a publisher. She still writes silly things for herself, but now some of them get pretty-looking covers. She has never looked back.

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, she greatly enjoys food, baseball, shopping, tattoos, karaoke, and old bookstores. She is averse to spiders, zombies, over-used words, tardiness, inclement weather, and the misquotation of movie lines and lyrics. Her dream is to retire to Hawaii immediately. She has one cat.

For more A. Morell, stop by the blog or twitter, or contact directly at

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Welcome, Kim Fielding!

Kim Fielding is one of my favorite authors and I'm so happy to have her here here today. Take it away, Kim!

Hi! I'm Kim Fielding, and I have FIVE new releases available for you. That's a little overwhelming even for me. So I'm going to make that list more manageable by giving you six relevant facts.

1. Brute is my bestselling novel.

Coverartdraft2_Brute Brute won the 2013 Rainbow Award for Best Gay Fantasy, and tied for 4th for Best Gay Novel overall. In July 2014, it came out in a really terrific audiobook edition. And now it's available in a French translation! Not only that, but it will come out in Italian next year.

2. Bone Dry, the third book in the Bones series, focuses on Ery Phillips.

BoneDry_postcard_front_DSP Yes, Dylan, the hipster architect werewolf and Chris, his rustic handyman boyfriend, still feature prominently in this book. So if you've read the first two books and want to know what Chris and Dylan have been up to, your wish is fulfilled. But if you haven't read the first two books and want to jump right in for the third, you'll be fine. Also, Travis and Drew from Speechless make a cameo appearance.

3. Standby was inspired by my own airport stranding.

STRANDED-Final Cover I travel fairly often, and that means sometimes shit happens. Last year an airline screwed up royally, and as a result I spent an extra day in Iowa (which was not painful because I have a good friend there) and a lot of hours at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. Which is a pretty nice airport, actually, but not where I want to spend my life. But that experience inspired my short story "Standby," which appears in the Stranded anthology. So it worked out okay.

4. The Dance is in my second anthology collaboration with Eli Easton and Jamie Fessenden.

Bones_Cover6 And this time we're joined by B.G. Thomas! All the novellas in this book--the second in the Gothika series--have vodou themes. The first book, Stitch, had a Frankenstein/created man theme. I've already completed my story for the third book, which will be about werewolves.

5. All of my royalties from The Festivus Miracle will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

festivus2 For only $1.99 you can enjoy a romantic, lighthearted holiday tale. And you can know that you're helping to support a wonderful cause. Last year I donated $3000 to Doctors Without Borders from the royalties of my self-published books. You can help me beat that total this year!

6. To celebrate all these new releases, I'm doing a Fieldingpalooza blog tour.

I have interviews, trivia, and contests, so please join me! a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway ~~~ You can learn more about Kim (and download free stories!) on her website: You can also follow her on Twitter @KFieldingWrites, Facebook at or ello @KimFielding.

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Tentacles and Chain (Ch. 15)

Today is National Coming Out Day. Obviously, the decision of when (or even if) to come out is a difficult one, but it's worth thinking about. One of the things I'm sure you've picked up on about Trellen's colony is that anything other than heterosexuality is frowned upon to the point where Trellen believes that merely thinking about it is turning his back on his Goddess. Acting on it has tainted him beyond any hope of redemption. Tentacles and Chain might be fiction, but those feelings are very real, very powerful, and very, very painful. I hope that someday our children and grandchildren look back at this tumultuous period of history and shake their heads in wonderment at how awful our society treated certain segments of the populace. I hope they live in a better, more accepting world than we live in now.

Tomorrow, I have the fabulous Kim Fielding as my guest. So on Monday (the 13th), I'll blog about coming out.

But for now, here you go with Chapter Fifteen of Tentacles and Chain where things are really heating up!

Chapter Fifteen

Trellen gasped into the kiss as the burning invasion split him in two. All of the stretching in the world couldn’t have prepared him for this! Had Master’s cock somehow grown wider since the last time Trellen held it in his hand? He moaned and squirmed, but Master held him fast and only stopped kissing him long enough to say, “Just breathe.”
Blindly, Trellen nodded. He breathed. Master pressed his lips back to Trellen’s mouth again and Trellen kissed him hard. Just breathe. He sucked in water through his nose and pressed it out his gill slits, but it didn’t help.
Slowly, Master pressed in deeper, at last reaching that place inside Trellen that made fire and thunder go rolling through his veins. He moaned and felt Master’s smile on his lips—but then Master pulled back out again and Trellen broke the kiss. “Please…don’t….”
“Shhhh.” Master soothed. He pressed another soft kiss to Trellen’s lips and Trellen submitted. It was just as he had said: he was Master’s to with as Master pleased.
Master pulled almost all the way out and pushed back in again, just as slowly as before. It hurt less. He pressed the sweet spot. Trellen writhed. “More. Please?”
“My beautiful wanton,” Master’s grin was audible. He pulled out and this time didn’t hesitate before plunging deep into Trellen’s body. Sparks danced through Trellen’s veins and in front of his eyes. He arched his back as much as he was able.
“Yes,” he groaned. “Please. More. More like that.”
Master claimed his mouth in another savage kiss as he pulled out, then drove back in. Over and over, he thrust himself into Trellen’s helpless body while he kissed Trellen’s lips, his neck—while he bit down as he had before, sending waves of mixed pain and pleasure shooting through Trellen’s over-worked nerves.
“Please…please, Master…so close…I’m so close… please….” He was nearing the edge of orgasm, the place where Master would either keep him dangling mercilessly or allow him to succumb to pleasure. “Please…please don’t stop.”
Master pressed his hand between them and grasped hold of Trellen’s cock. “Come for me, my sweet. Come now.”
The words were all Trellen needed. The orgasm rushed through him like a wave crashing against rock. He strained against his Master’s strength and cried out—and in the same instant felt something hot rush inside him. Master’s seed. Trellen shuddered. His mouth was once more covered by his Master’s. Trellen was too weak to do anything but allow Master whatever he wanted. The kiss stole his breath and burned into his soul.

Trellen lay with his back against his Master’s chest, Master’s tentacles and arms wrapped snugly around him, making him feel safe. Cared for. After that fierce, soul-burning kiss, Master had kissed him more lightly, loosening his grip on Trellen’s wrists and tail as he pulled out of him, ever so slowly. Gently. He’d gathered Trellen into his arms and asked if he was all right.
It would have been easier if he’d forced me. Because Trellen didn’t want to feel happy or safe inside his dark prison. He wanted to feel angry and bitter. He wanted to feel violated. But how can I call it a violation when I baited him into my final perversion? In the moments leading up to it, Trellen had told himself he had no choice but to accept his Master’s will—and maybe he didn’t. Maybe Master would have taken him eventually no matter what he said.
And maybe he would have waited until I was ready for it.
And far from the brutal encounter Master had promised him, it had been gentle.
Or…mostly gentle. But Trellen suspected that no matter what, it would have hurt. He also suspected that as his body became accustomed to such invasions, it would hurt less.
He rolled over and opened his eyes, trying again to imagine his Master’s face in the dark.
What manner of strange creature are you?
He reached out and his fingertips came to rest on Master’s soft lips. He traced their outline, then touched his Master’s smooth cheek and felt his closed eyes, his firm brow. His soft hair.
What would this be like if you’d come to me in the light instead of dragging me into this cold dark place? If you’d seduced me instead of abducting me?
But Trellen knew the answer.
Even if you are handsome, I would have feared you.
Trellen ghosted his fingers down Master’s strong arms and felt his hands—his fingertips. Those sharp talons that he somehow had never hurt Trellen with, no matter where he put his fingers. Trellen traced the lines of Master’s webbed hands, so different from his own—and yet each hand had four fingers and a thumb. Each finger was shaped as Trellen’s was.
Are we really so different?
He let his hands wander over Master’s taut stomach; he felt Master’s belly button. He touched Master’s hips. There was no change in the texture of his skin and yet instead of a sleek tail with long fins, Master had a mass of dark tentacles.
Yes. They were different. Even if Master had revealed himself in the sunlight, Trellen would have fled.
He skimmed his fingers lightly down one of Master’s long tentacles, moving carefully so as not to wake him. He wanted to explore all the parts of his Master’s body that Master had never allowed him to explore.
I know why you won’t let me see you, but why won’t you let me touch you?
Each tentacle that Trellen ran his hands over seemed about the same; they were thick and long and powerfully strong. Master could probably swim at least as fast as Trellen—maybe faster.  Hundreds of suction cups lined the underside of each tentacle, but Trellen knew that already. He felt them every time Master encircled him with them. Now, though, Trellen took his time, gently fingering several of the suction cups, marveling at their soft texture—grateful that Master’s distant cousins were octopuses and not squid. Squid had sharp talons in their suction cups.
Trellen had heard once that octopuses were able to taste through their suction cups and wondered if the same was true of Cephalopoda.
According to the stories Trellen had heard as a child, those of the Blue were born of Kaia, the bright goddess of sea and sun, but those from Below were born of her Dark Sister, whose name was long forgotten, even though her children still roamed the depths, terrorizing the creatures of the Blue. Hunting them. Killing them. Stealing and eating their young.
But those were just stories.
Are you really so terrible?  Or do the Elders only tell us you are monsters so that we will fear the dark?
If all Cephalopoda were like Master, they were certainly debauched. But how easily did you corrupt me? It wasn’t like I fought it.
Trellen had wanted to, but…but the things you do feel too good. And if they felt good, why were they so bad? Maybe Master was right. Maybe he shouldn’t be ashamed of the things that brought him pleasure. It’s not like Master is ashamed to touch me the way he does.
Trellen worked his way back up Master’s tentacles and gently parted two of them—
“Are you enjoying yourself, Pretty?”

Wednesday, October 8

Halloween Costumes

It's been a long time since I dressed up for Halloween. Part of it is not having anywhere to go, and part of it is simply that the act of dressing up lost some of its shiny after working the Renaissance Festival (Georgia, Ohio, and a couple of days in Michigan). So while I've always got an easy costume to fall back on, my Ren Fair garb feels more like a uniform than a costume. 

Likewise, although I'd love to put a fun Steampunk outfit together, that wouldn't really feel like a costume, either, because it's the kind of thing I can see myself wearing at least elements of as day-to-day wear. I'd just leave the zip-o-matic-steam-powered blast gun at home  :)  Period clothing to me, in general, isn't costuming because I'd wear it to the office without a second thought. (All of the new patterns I'm looking at for next year's sewing effort are from the 1930's or earlier). 

So what makes a costume, a costume? For me, the answer is "dressing up as something or someone you're not." It's an exercise in make-believe. It's playing a part, even if you don't fully act it out (but seriously, what's better than a cosplaying Captain Jack--either of them--who doesn't either swagger around "drunk" or flirt with that sexy plant in the corner? You can decide which Jack is swaggering and which one is flirting because both are plenty likely to get slapped.)

Probably my favorite costume is from middle school when I had a small costume part and I dressed up as (warning: embarrassing moment ahead!) Boy George. This was back in the 1980's and I had an oversized night shirt that was perfect for the part. The rest of it was pretty easy too. My hair was already about the right length and not too far off in the color and makeup is a snap.  (Yes, pictures exist, no, you don't get to see them. Instead, here's the genuine article, singing their first big US hit: ) 

It was special because I was a huge fan (I still am) and Culture Club was my "gateway band" into a lot of things: new wave and later punk rock music, gender fluidity and non-conformity, and ultimately LGBT awareness and issues. Obviously being LGBT myself, I would have figured those out eventually, but having some grounding in at least what I understood of it at the time, I only felt a little lost when it came to self-identifying as LGBT.  

The best costume I ever made for someone else was for the year my kid dressed up as Sailor Jupiter.  *G*  (Sorry, as far as I know, no pics exist. I'm sure I took some, but Heaven only knows where they ended up.)

So what was your favorite Halloween costume and why? (Either yours or something you made for your kid/grandkid/niece/nephew, etc.)

Saturday, October 4

Tentacles and Chain (ch. 14)

Chapter Fourteen

Trellen nipped at the hard nub of Master’s nipple and Master arched into his touch while letting out a ragged, low moan. The sound sent a shiver of delight through Trellen’s body and caused his blood to flow straight into his cock so that it rose out of its protective slit. But why shouldn’t he respond to his Master’s pleasure? Didn’t pleasing Master mean that Master would in turn please him? If Trellen had learned anything these last few dark weeks, it was that Master enjoyed watching him come. He might delay it as long as possible, but he never denied Trellen climax. And the more he delays it, the better it is.
Trellen reached between them and sought out his Master’s cock with one hand—it wasn’t difficult to find. Master was as hard as he was. Shamelessly, Trellen stroked him, taking delight in the low throaty growls coming from Master’s throat. Then suddenly, Trellen found himself forced onto his back. He barely had time to gasp and collect his wits before strong tentacles encircled his wrists and dragged them over his head. Trellen wriggled in protest, but all that made Master do was to wrap two more tentacles around Trellen’s tail, stilling his struggles.
“I warned you, my Pretty,” Master growled in his ear. The menacing edge of his tone sent another shiver down Trellen’s spine. “Or have you changed your mind and you don’t want to be fucked?” He dragged his cock over Trellen’s stomach slowly, making Trellen whimper. Then Master pressed the tip of his cock against Trellen’s anal slit.
Trellen swallowed, but the lump in his throat remained. He’d grown to love the feel of Master’s fingers inside him. Only his cock is a lot bigger….
“Well?” Master slid his cock over Trellen’s slit. “Do you want me to fuck you?”
Trellen couldn’t help the soft moan that escaped his lips as the wave rose up inside him. It terrified him. Master terrified him. Not because of what he was. But because of what he’s shown me about myself. “Does not every part of me belong to you? Even my most private places are yours to do with as you wish.”
“And what do you wish, my Pretty?”
Damn him, but he wasn’t going to let Trellen off the hook! “I wish for you to use me however it pleases you, Master.”
“So be it then.” Master’s voice had turned feral and very real fear rose in Trellen’s chest. It only increased when Master pushed his head to one side and claimed his neck. Master bit into Trellen’s tender skin hard enough to make him cry out in pain, even as a flash of pleasure went zinging through his veins. He squeezed his eyes shut—but then Master eased back. His claiming bite became a soft, sensual nuzzle and Trellen moaned once more.
Goddess, why didn’t Master just fuck him and get it over with! He tried to buck his hips, to rub his aching cock against Master’s belly—but he couldn’t move. Despite his warning about not being gentle, Master kissed his neck softly. He nipped along Trellen’s jawline. He sucked on Trellen’s collar bone, leaving Trellen quivering.
“You must never be ashamed of the things bring you pleasure, Pretty.” Master slid one hand between them and caressed Trellen’s anal slit with his fingertips. “For I am certainly not ashamed to bring you pleasure.”
Trellen whimpered again as Master stroked his sensitive opening, teasing it, toying with it. “Please…please!” He tried in vain to thrust his hips upward. Every nerve felt like it was on fire with need.
“So eager,” Master said softly, his lips right next to Trellen’s ear. “And so beautiful, too.” He slid one finger gingerly inside Trellen’s slit.
“Please say I can come,” Trellen begged.
Master chuckled. “You’ll come—but only when my cock is buried deep inside you.”
Trellen gulped down a breath and nodded his understanding. He felt Master’s lips curl into a smile as Master pressed a second finger into him. Then Trellen gasped when he felt a third digit join the first—Master had only used two fingers before now. But he had held Master’s cock in his hand, had it in his mouth. He knew he would need to be stretched wide if he was ever going to be able to accommodate it there.
Master pressed in deeper, stretching Trellen wide as he hit the sweet spot and sparks danced in front of Trellen’s eyes. “More. Please. More.”
“So beautiful.” Master pressed soft, sweet kisses to Trellen’s mouth. He nipped at Trellen’s lips, but didn’t enter when Trellen parted them.
A fourth finger joined the first three and Trellen cried out he was stretched impossibly wide.
It hurt.
It felt good.
Every nerve was ablaze and he didn’t know if he wanted his Master to stop now or give him more. He’d never felt such pressure inside. “Please… Master…. Please.” He needed something. Anything.
Master slid all four fingers in and out of him, hitting the sweet spot every time, stretching him wider, making him ache inside and out.
Please!” He could hardly breathe it hurt so much, it felt so good.
“Are you ready for my cock, sweet?”
“Yes! Goddess, yes, please.”
But then Master withdrew his hand and the emptiness was too much to bear—until Master kissed him again, slow and sweet. Trellen wanted nothing more than to throw his arms around his Master’s neck and cling to him forever.

It was only when he felt Master’s cock pressing against his opening this heart began to pound in fear again. 

Wednesday, October 1

Happy October!

Autumn is my favorite season (Spring is a close--oh so very close--second, especially in February when I'm up to my eyeballs in snow!) But Autumn will always be Number One, if only for one reason: Halloween.

I can guess what some of you are thinking ("that's because you're a witch"), but the truth is a) there are seven other holidays (and believe it or not, Halloween isn't every witch's favorite one) and b) Halloween was always one of my two favorite holidays (the other being Christmas/Yule.) 

It starts in September, with cooler nights, the constellation Orion rising higher above the horizon (right outside my front door around sunrise, how freaking awesome!), and the first few leaves starting to turn gold. But by October 1st, it's here. You can feel it. There's a nip of something cool and mysterious in the air, an electric charge of anticipation that tells you Halloween is almost here. 

So what do I love about Autumn and why is Halloween my favorite holiday? The answers are fairly similar. The cooler temperatures, the changing leaves. The harvest (I almost always have a garden). Apples, cider, and pumpkins. The Winter constellations becoming visible in the night sky. I'm no fan of hot summer days, so even though Winter is cold, I'd rather bundle up in my favorite sweater or snuggle up under the blankets with my husband and dog than sweat to death in the heat. I love the long days of summer, but give me a cool walk in the Autumn woods over a day at the beach any time! And I have to admit, while I'm not a huge TV addict, this year there were some pretty awesome fall shows to look forward to the return of.

My absolute number one, favorite part of Halloween has always been--and will probably always be--carving jack o' lanterns. Maybe it's the artist in me, or maybe I just like murdering pumpkins and eating their innards (seeds)   ;-)   But Jack o' lanterns are the best thing about the holiday--which happens to be my wedding anniversary, by the way. (We had loads of jack o' lanterns around the ceremony site, one of the smaller temple rooms in Detroit's Masonic Temple, and instead of boring old Table #1, #2, etc., at the reception, or then then trendy Table Love, Hope, Fidelity, etc., we assigned our guests to sit at the Mary Shelly Table, the Vincent Price Table, and being Detroiters, how could we not have a James O'Barr table? Others included Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and Peter Cushing. The kids, of course, sat at the J.K. Rowling Table.  ;-)  )

Autumn also means being able to bake more, because it's cooler out. Having a reasonable sized toaster oven helps, but who wants to beak when it's 100 degrees outside? A nice cool Autumn day, though, with fresh apples or a great big pumpkin....?  :)  Yeah. This is when you'll find me in the kitchen.

What about you? What's your favorite season/holiday (religious or secular) and why? 

Monday, September 29

Bisexual Visibility Month, Special Guest Sara Testarosa

Please give a warm welcome to the lovely Sara Testarosa! Sara was one of my awesome beta readers for Tentacles and Chain

Hello, HB Pattskyn fans and friends! I'm Sara Testarossa, erotic romance author, and I'm pansexual. Thanks to HB for hosting me today for Bisexual Visibility Month! The recent posts on the topics have resonated with me a lot.

It’s Bisexuality Visibility Month, not Pansexuality Visibility Month, but technically, my orientation can be defined as bisexual. I personally prefer the label pansexual for describing my orientation, because I feel that the word itself is most accurate on a linguistic level. Some of you may know already that "pan" means "all" and “bi” means “two.” I like the label pansexual because “all” is more inclusive of genders and sexes outside of "male" and "female," and that is in line with my attraction. It's more an issue of semantics than anything, because plenty of bisexual folks are attracted to people outside of the gender binary. But I'm not here to talk about linguistics; I'm here to talk about sexual orientation!

I've been aesthetically and physically attracted to people who have identified as pretty much every gender I’ve come across - male (including cisgender and transgender), female (including cisgender and transgender), genderqueer, genderfluid, bigender, neutrois, agender… I think that many people are nice to look at and pretty/hot/cute/sexy/handsome as the case may be, and if they have a personality that clicks with mine, I can be emotionally attracted to them as well. My attractions have been more obvious since I came out a few years ago.

I was in deep denial for many years, despite growing up in a family that would have supported me if they knew I was something other than straight. I have lesbian aunts - my mom's sister, and her partner - who have been together for about thirty years and have two kids. My mom is very supportive of her sister and sister’s partner. Dad treated a lot of LGB patients, and his best friend for many years was a gay man.

But I was in denial about my own "anything other than straight" identity until my early twenties, even during my activism in the LGBTQAetc alliance in high school and the beginning of college. I held positions of leadership and advocated for my friends while pretending to be "just an ally." When I started to acknowledge my attraction to people other than cisgender men in college, a little at a time, it was slightly uncomfortable and I was a bit confused about my orientation. But when I was willing to be honest with myself, I recognized that I had attractions to people of various genders. I finally came out to friends and my immediate family during grad school. It was a relief to finally be telling the truth to myself and others.

Since then, I've been more open about my attractions to people of genders all across the board. Just by happenstance, I've only been in romantic relationships with cisgender men. However, in my adventures in the kink community over the last year and a half (more details on my own blog), I’ve engaged in sexual and nonsexual BDSM play with people of various sexes and genders.

I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend, a cisgender man, for almost a year and a half (we met in the kink community). We’ve been living together for a year, and are incredibly compatible and very happy together. From the beginning, we’ve been in an open relationship with the freedom to do kinky and/or sexy things with others outside of our relationship, either together or separately. We’ve taken advantage of this at times (more with the nonsexual kink than sexual stuff). And if we ever choose to develop a romantic relationship with someone else, that’s an option.

Again, much of this is a story for another time (perhaps in a post on polyamory)… But I wanted to address my relationship situation because it’s relevant to my orientation. If I choose to hide my orientation, I can “pass” as straight with most people, since my only romantic partner is a cis man. I’m not out about being poly, because a lot of that is kink and sex related rather than romantic related (right now anyway), and thus, not really others’ business (except that of my readers when I choose to share about it). But I like to be out about being pansexual, because having straight privilege from perceived heterosexuality makes me uncomfortable, since it’s based on a lie. I don’t scream my orientation from the rooftops, but I don’t hide it, either. I’m fortunate that even if my partner weren’t a cis man, my state does allow same sex marriage. Plus, anti-discrimination laws related to sexual orientation are in place. Gender identity is on its way to being more fully protected by law. Of course, law and practice differ, but it’s getting better, I think.

On a lighter note, I’d like to respond to a few comments and questions that bisexual and pansexual people face on a regular basis (several of these based on personal experience):

Comment: Oh, so you’re just greedy! Not that there’s anything wrong with being greedy… (I got this from a straight bouncer at a gay club, of all places… and subsequently ended up giving him a lesson in Transgender 101 when I used the word cisgender and he didn’t know what it meant)

Reply: Nope, I’m not greedy. I like keeping my options open, but the options are based on an innate attraction.

Comment: Bisexual/pansexual people are sluts.
Reply: Nope. I’m actually pretty picky about who I have sex with. And even if I had sex with lots of people, would that really be a problem, as long as I were doing it with everyone’s consent, and using safer sex practices?

Question/Comment: Which do you like better, men or women? You must have a preference!
Reply: It’s complicated. I’m attracted to male, female, and androgynous traits. Some bisexual and pansexual people do have a “type” or two that they’re more attracted to, but my tastes are all across the board.

Comment: Bi/pan people can’t be monogamous and will want to be with someone of the other sex in addition to their partner.

Reply: Nope. I know some straight people in polyamorous relationships, and some bi/pan people in monogamous relationships. This is actually my first open/polyamorous relationship. I have never cheated on a partner, and am perfectly capable of monogamy.

Question: Do you and your boyfriend have threesomes with other women?
Reply: Sometimes. Why, are you jealous?

And, I think I’ll end there. Thanks again to HB for hosting. It’s been fun to write this and hope you folks found it interesting!

Sara Testarossa posts all kinds of hopefully interesting things at the following links:
Personal Facebook page:
Facebook fan page:
Twitter: (@SaraTestarossa)

Saturday, September 27

Tentacles and Chain (Ch. 13)

Chapter Thirteen

Master was quiet for a long moment. “And if so?” he finally asked.
Trellen shrugged. It didn’t matter. “Perhaps being stalked is better than being snatched on a whim, simply because I was convenient.” Wasn’t it?  Or had he made himself convenient by allowing his curiosity to drive him from the safety of the colony so frequently? Was this what happened to unwary Cetaceans? Was this what had happened to Luce when he left the colony?
The soft touch of Master’s hand to his cheek brought Trellen back from the abyss of unhappy thoughts. He popped the last bit of stuffed kelp into his mouth, swallowed, and leaned into his Master’s touch—but then tentacles curled around Trellen’s body and he tensed.
“Do you still fear me so much?” Master asked. Did he actually sound hurt, or was Trellen only hearing what he wanted to?
Trellen forced himself to relax and shook his head. Master drew him into his lap. Trellen relaxed for real. There was something about the way Master held him that made him feel safe. He reached out, half-expecting Master to wrap a tentacle around his wrist, because even when they played without rope and chain, Master always restrained him. It was as if he didn’t want Trellen touching him.
But Master didn’t stop him this time.
Smiling at his unexpected freedom, Trellen ran his hand lightly over Master’s chest. He was muscular. His skin was smooth. Trellen wondered for perhaps the thousandth time what he looked like—but he knew better than to ask. Instead, he laid his head against his Master’s breastbone and listened to his heart beating. The soft, rhythmic thumping was as comforting as the circle of tentacles around him.
If only you would let me see your face, maybe I wouldn’t feel so much like a prisoner in the dark. “Tell me something about yourself,” Trellen implored, his voice little more than a whisper.
“What do you wish to know?”
Master chuckled. “Perhaps if you asked me a question, I could answer it.”
That was easier said than done; a million questions swam around Trellen’s mind. Who are you? Why me? Have there been others? What do you really want? But half of those he was afraid to ask because he feared the answers. The other half were questions he was sure Master would never answer. So he settled on something simple. “Do you have family?”
“Of course.”
“But you’re all alone here…or…?” He bit his lip. Just because he wasn’t aware of any others, didn’t mean the cavern wasn’t teaming with Unspeakable Ones.
“You are here with me, therefore I am not alone.”
“But there are no other Un—I mean, none of your own kind here?”
Another soft chuckle rumbled through Master’s chest. “I am aware of what Cetaceans call my kind, Pretty. And to answer you directly: before you, I was alone. There are no others of my kind here, though a number of very distant cousins reside within.”
Trellen frowned. “You mean octopuses?” 
“Precisely.” He feathered a soft kiss to the top of his head. “Just as you have kinship with your distant cousins, we have kinship with ours.”
Even though Trellen couldn’t see him, he looked up anyway. “Why did you leave your colony?”
Another soft chuckle and another soft kiss. “I have done no such thing, my Pretty.”
“But you said you were alone.”
“Indeed. Cephalopoda—that is how we call ourselves—are solitary by nature. What you would call one of our colonies is spread out over hundreds of leagues, so that each of us may live in quiet solitude but still maintain ties with our kin.”
“Oh.” He snuggled in closer and the tentacles holding him tightened, but not uncomfortably. “How…when did you leave your family’s home?” Trellen wondered.
“When I was little younger than you. That too is quite typical,” he added, before Trellen could ask.
He nodded. “How old are you now?”
“Perhaps a dozen or so turnings your senior.”
How long were you watching me? But that was another one of those questions Trellen was afraid to ask. He closed his eyes and traced the lines of his Master’s chest, trying to form a picture of him in his head, but without knowing what color his skin was, it was impossible.
Still, he doesn’t seem to look like a monster… .
He didn’t act like a monster, either.
But he made me his slave. What did it matter? Trellen was where he was. Even if he could escape, there was no going back to his old life, now. And I am as much a slave to my own wantonness as I am to his perverse desires.
Impulsively, he sought out Master’s nipples with his fingers. When he brushed over one of them, Master let out a soft sound that was somewhere between a moan and a growl, and the nub hardened almost at once under Trellen’s fingertips. Trellen darted out his tongue to lave over it the hard nub, the same way Master did to him. When his impetuousness was met with no objection, Trellen took the nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it, because when Master did that to him, it felt so good.
Apparently, the feeling was mutual. “Keep that up, my Pretty, and you will find yourself getting fucked whether you ask for it or not—and it may not be gentle.”
The naked, unabashed lust in his tone made Trellen’s cock twitch. It made his whole body thrum with need. But was he ready to get fucked?  To be violated?

Then again, I swore I would not fight it. I agreed to belong to him. If his Master chose to fuck him, he would not—could not—stop it from happening.